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Spirit of Root
ON-creature-Corruption of Root.jpg
Spirit of Root
Race Nature Spirit Gender Unknown
Resided in Systres Archipelago,
Earthen Root Enclave
Appears in ESO

The Spirit of Root (also temporarily referred to as the Corruption of Root)[1] is one of three powerful nature spirits residing within the sacred confines of the Earthen Root Enclave.[2] The Spirit of Root speaks with all the voices of the plants, as plants communicate with each other. The Spirit of Root and the trellis sentinels share a crucial relationship in the protection and preservation of the Deeproot. Trellis sentinels serve the vital role of providing support to the Deeproot, preventing its collapse and safeguarding the Spirit of Root residing within. Connection with the Spirit of Root served as a poignant reminder that even in the most desolate of places, solitude is an illusion, for the voices of all living beings can be heard anywhere. It allowed druids to hear the realm through interconnected roots of all plants.[2][3] Spirit of Root could command Fauns and graft-root animals.[1]


Corruption of Root

The Spirit of Root, akin to the other two spirits is old and powerful, with its origins tracing back to the early 1st Era, before 1E 330, when the first druids established their presence on the Systres Archipelago.[3][4]

In the time leading up to 2E 582, the stewards of the Earthen Root Enclave extended a warm welcome to all druids, inviting them to commune with the powerful nature spirits of Root, Air and Stone at their own pace. Their hospitality was sincere, allowing individuals the freedom to connect with these mighty spirits and embrace the tranquility of nature as they saw fit. Spirit of Root was one of the spirits they were allowed to commune with. This ethereal entity occupied the Dais of Rootspeak, within the Deeproot, where the voices of the roots could be heard, providing a profound connection to the plants. Within the Dais of Rootspeak, an enchanting symphony of plant rootsongs permeated the air. Each note and chord ebbed and flowed in harmony with the Spirit of Root's presence.[2][3]

In 2E 582 the Earthen Root Enclave was attacked by the Druids of the Firesong Circle led by Archdruid Devyric. Their objective was to taint the local spirits in an attempt to force them to reveal the whereabouts of the Stonelore Sacred Seed.[5][6] The Spirit of Root fell victim to the corrupting magic of the Firesong Circle druids, transforming into the Corruption of Root.[1] The Spirit of Root consistently exceeded its confines. Even when it had been corrupted, it persisted in breaking free from the containment spells of its caretakers.[7] Fortunately, it was eventually vanquished and subsequently purified by the diligent druid caretakers of the enclave.[6][8] Devyric, who briefly harnessed the powers of the Spirit of Air, met his ultimate defeat. The Undaunted joined forces with the enclave's caretakers, working together to confront Devyric and ultimately delivering a fatal blow that put an end to his menace.[6][9] It was believed that magic couldn't fully corrupt these spirits, nor make them forget their origins. While spirits could be unsettled, their essence remained intact. Over time, surviving druids vowed to restore the sanctuary, tending to the spirits, including the Spirit of Root.[3][6]

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