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Spirit of Stone
ON-render-Corruption of Stone.jpg
Spirit of Stone
Race Nature Spirit Gender Unknown
Resided in Systres Archipelago,
Earthen Root Enclave
Appears in ESO

The Spirit of Stone (also temporarily referred to as the Corruption of Stone)[1] is one of three powerful nature spirits residing within the sacred confines of the Earthen Root Enclave. The moments shared with the Spirit of Stone were treasures, each second passing by deliberately, held close and cherished instead of slipping away in haste. By gazing through its eyes, druids could behold sights stretching as far as the Earth Bones beneath the very ground they stood upon.[2][3] It was known to be able to command Stone Atronachs.[1]


Firesong Druids corrupting the Spirit of Stone

The Spirit of Stone, akin to the other two spirits is old and powerful, with its origins tracing back to the early 1st Era, before 1E 330, when the first druids established their presence on the Systres Archipelago.[3][4]

In the time leading up to 2E 582, the stewards of the Earthen Root Enclave extended a warm welcome to all druids, inviting them to commune with the powerful nature spirits of Stone, Air and Root at their own pace. Their hospitality was sincere, allowing individuals the freedom to connect with these mighty spirits and embrace the tranquility of nature as they saw fit. Spirit of Stone was one of the spirits they were allowed to commune with. This spirit resided within the Dais of Stonesight, where it sat in serene stillness. It remained remarkably gentle and patient, seldom stirring from its state of deep contemplation. In doing so, it facilitated a profound connection to the Earth Bones, offering those in its presence a unique and powerful link to the very essence of the land.[2][3]

According to the tales, one of the caretakers, Druid Geonard encountered a spectral fawn while walking the Path of the Salt Wind. For eight days, it remained visible only to him, but on the ninth, it vanished, leaving behind a round stone sculpted by the elements. Druid Geonard cherished this stone, meditating upon it alongside the Spirit of Stone to uncover its profound history and secrets, including the crystals within it and the forces that brought it to the surface. Upon his passing, the stone was placed over his heart. Since then the Spirit of Stone could guide young acolytes to Geonard's resting place, a crystal-filled cavern of indescribable beauty that often moves those who perceive it to tears.[5]

In 2E 582 the Earthen Root Enclave was attacked by the Druids of the Firesong Circle led by Archdruid Devyric. Their objective was to taint the local spirits in an attempt to force them to reveal the whereabouts of the Stonelore Sacred Seed.[6][7] The Spirit of Stone fell victim to the corrupting magic of the Firesong Circle druids, transforming into the Corruption of Stone.[1] Fortunately, it was eventually vanquished and subsequently purified by the diligent druid caretakers of the enclave before it could fully reform and unleash havoc in its corrupted state.[7][3] Devyric, who briefly harnessed the powers of the Spirit of Air, met his ultimate defeat. The Undaunted joined forces with the enclave's caretakers, working together to confront Devyric and ultimately delivering a fatal blow that put an end to his menace.[7][8] It was believed that magic couldn't fully corrupt these spirits, nor make them forget their origins. While spirits could be unsettled, their essence remained intact. Over time, surviving druids vowed to restore the sanctuary, tending to the spirits, including the Spirit of Stone.[3][7]

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