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ON-creature-Urdiir the Guardian.jpg
Race Chimera Gender Unknown
Resided in Y'ffelon
Appears in ESO

Urdiir the Guardian (also referred to as the Guardian of Y'ffelon, or simply Urdiir)[1] is a powerful nature spirit taking form of a chimera called from the Green by Druid King Kasorayn. Urdiir's purpose was to protect the sacred seeds, the temple of Y'ffelon, and the Sower. They were described as a wild, fierce, and wonderful guardian.[1][2]


Frii awakening Urdiir the Guardian

Little is known of Urdiir's past. They are a spirit from the Green,[3] and took the form of a chimera.[2] All chimeras are claimed to have been created by the Druid King.[4]

At an unspecified time, following the arrival of the Druids of Galen in Systres in 1E 330, Kasorayn, the Druid King, was betrayed by Elder Verline of the Allwither Cult and gravely wounded. In his moment of need, Kasorayn called upon his loyal subject, Aiven, to execute a crucial plan. He emphasized the urgency of returning the Druid King Regalia—the Crown, Staff, and Gauntlet—to the Green, urging Aiven to help him to summon Urdiir the Guardian from the Green as a powerful ally for the Sower, a protector to ensure that only a worthy king regrows the seeds. Kasorayn entrusted Aiven with the distribution of the regalia in the form of the sacred seeds to various druid circles for safekeeping and directed him to seal the Ivy Throne, ensuring it remained inaccessible until the Sower's eventual awakening. Aiven, deeply committed to his king's wishes, and returned the seeds to the Circles.[5][6][7] Urdiir had been entrusted with the solemn duty of protecting King Kasorayn's tomb in the Temple of Y'ffelon. Its vigilant presence would persist until the emergence of a new Druid King. Urdiir's eternal vigil would continue until the Sower would deem that the time for the seeds to flourish had returned.[8][3][1]

When Archdruid Orlaith of the Firesong Circle sought to ascend as a new Druid King, her intent was to force Frii, the Sower, to crown her. In compliance, Frii accompanied her to Y'ffelon. However, Frii chose to summon and awaken Urdiir from its slumber in 2E 582 through a defensive song, rather than fulfilling Orlaith's wishes. Frii believed that Orlaith could attempted to command Urdiir with the crown, staff, and gauntlet, but King Kasorayn had conveyed to some spirits the freedom to make their own choices—Frii being one of them, and Urdiir another. Frii called upon them to fulfill their ancient duty, and with the assistance of Urdiir, the Vestige, Druid Laurel, Dhulef, the court mage of House Mornard, and Stefan Mornard, the head of the house, they successfully defeated the Archdruid.[9] [10][11] Frii now bore the crown, staff, and gauntlet until the druids could determine their next course of action, albeit not in the Temple of Y'ffelon, for this place had fulfilled its purpose. Frii recommended leaving the tomb before the great spirit's attention shifted toward them, explaining that Urdiir was uneasy with so many intruders. Their original purpose had been to safeguard this place until a new Druid King claimed the crown, staff, and gauntlet. With the seeds regrown but no king yet, Urdiir's purpose had become hazy and undefined—its path now uncertain and rootless.[1][7]

The Systres became a part of Hammerfell's territory by 2E 864.[12] At some point before the Fifth Century of the Third Era the Druids once again had a presence on the mainland Tamriel.[13][UOL 1] It is unknown how those events affected Urdiir.

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