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A Chimera
"Chimera are a living reminder that while there's power in unity, there's not always harmony." —Druid Gastoc[1]

A Chimera (also spelled Khimera)[2] is a dangerous fantastical, ever shifting and changing creature "patched together" from different sources.[3][4][5] In ancient times, they were dark forces in the wilderness around Tyrigel that the Altmer knew to avoid.[6] The Druids of Galen created chimeras to function as guardian beasts. They were given form through Blood Magic in honor and sacrifice of Y'ffre.[7] All chimera are claimed to have been created by the Druid King himself.[1] Physically, these chimeras had the heads of a gryphon, a lion, and a snake or wamasu.[2][8] After their exodus to the Systres, the druids created chimeras to safeguard their newfound home, influenced by the trials that they had already faced.[7] The purpose of the Chimeras was to guard and preserve ancient druidic relics and sacred locations, ensuring their utmost safety and sanctity. Chimeras are fiercely territorial, and the wounds inflicted by them tend to heal slowly, but alchemical concoctions utilizing components harvested from chimeras' heads can aid in the healing process.[1]

The word Chimera is an appropriation of the old Altmeri word for change, which was also used to describe the Chimer who transformed into the Dunmer. Chimera in particular means something along the lines of "a beast of change". It may have originally referred to the Bretons, who are half Man and Mer. The Bretons themselves have a traditional yard game called Khimera.[2] The term chimera also means an illusion or unrealizable dream, with some calling the Mages Guild hierarchy nothing more than a chimera.[9]

Chimeras were revered by the Stonelore Circle Despite the deep respect and reverence that druids held for the chimera, by 2E 582, it was considered that they had outlived their original purpose and continued to exist in a challenging and precarious state. However, while the notion of eliminating them entirely was not entertained, some viewed their removal as a necessary act of pruning rather than outright killing. The Firesong Druids have discovered potent relics crafted by the Druid King, capable of empowering chimeras and influencing their actions, which has led to harm inflicted upon Stonelore initiates.[1][10]

Chimera are also known as manticores,[8] but they are not to be confused with the similarly named mantikora, hybrid creatures mixed with creatures such as crocodiles, welwas, scorpions, wamasu, and Men.[11][12]

Inspired by the Chimera, druids have cultivated Singer tubers, which are a violet-streaked hybrid of leek, carrot, and nirnroot. It is known to be used in salads, where it is thinly sliced and tossed with shallots and a moon-sugar vinaigrette.[13] Southpoint's gladiatorial is called "the Chimeras".[UOL 1] The chimera-eel is a fish that is able to change its color based on its emotions.[5]



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