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Dolls are a type of Contraband. Dolls can be found in (?).

Icon Item Description Value Type
ON-icon-stolen-War Toy.png Aldmeri War Toys These tiny Aldmeri soldiers and siege engines are molded brass. They fit within a simple silk pouch. 00000100100 Gold Children's Toys, Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png The Angry Alfiq Plush Based on a common folktale, this particular soft doll is no longer produced after repeated complaints by the Alfiq community. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Monkey Statue.png Baby Ape Dress-Up Doll, with Clothing Mummified baby ape with painted-on Elven features and a varied wardrobe of rich and exotic doll garments. 00000250250 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Collar.png ”Barbas” Dog Collar The gleaming, golden tag hanging from this black leather collar simply reads “Barbas.” Authentic? 00000100100 Gold None
ON-icon-stolen-Figurine.png Bard Hjalif Snow-Song Porcelain Doll When High King Emeric took offense and outlawed dolls with his likeness, an enterprising merchant in Northpoint made a change. 00000250250 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Battlereeve Urcelmo Doll This surprisingly accurate wooden doll faithfully captures Battlereeve Urcelmo's likeness. 00000100100 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Effigy.png Bloody Buttons' Ragamuffin A ghastly doll depicting the villain of the popular children's tale. Its eyes are red-painted buttons. (It's probably paint.) 0000004040 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-head-Chitin.png Brave Little Scrib Doll A doll modeled after the beloved baby kwama hero of Dark Elf children's stories, the Brave Little Scrib. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Breton Flogging Doll A traditional Orcish children's doll. This one strongly resembles Peverel Stemuseph and appears well-worn. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Effigy.png Breton Pummel-Doll A young Orc's most beloved toy, this ragged leather doll has been whipped, punched, and stabbed repeatedly. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png The Brief Queen Porcelain Doll Only a handful of these haunting figurines were crafted and sold before the Skald-King took offense and outlawed the dolls. 00000250250 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Captain Rana Jinx Doll A stuffed doll made of rags, crudely modeled to represent Captain Rana. Multiple needles skewer its head and torso. 00000100100 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-head-Khajiit Male.png Cat-Man Ventriloquist Puppet A popular Orsinium puppet. This mockingly derisive caricature of a Khajiit merchant is used to entertain children. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Chewed Bosmer Doll This soft-bodied doll resembling a Wood Elf is often given to Khajiiti kittens to awaken their 'warrior's instinct.' 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-misc-Monster Claw 02.png Chicken-Mudcrab Thing Why anyone would attach the head of a chicken to the body of a mudcrab is anyone's guess, but somebody will probably buy it. 00000100100 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Child's Ambiguous Doll It isn't clear if this tiny burlap monstrosity represents a frost troll or Clivia Tharn. Its steel button eyes could be resold. 0000004040 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Toy.png Clockwork Toy Soldier This wind-up clockwork toy was crafted by Telenger the Artificer himself, and was probably gifted to the child of a noble. 00000250250 Gold Children's Toys, Dolls
ON-icon-misc-Flimsy Carapace.png Coral Crab Marionette Boiled and lacquered to a vibrant, colorful sheen. This beautiful husk can clatter about through the use of sixteen strings. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Monkey Statue.png Creepy Monkey Puppet This hideous grimacing puppet is likely used to scold misbehaving children. The brass castanets could be resold. 0000004040 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Cruddy Man A popular type of crude dreugh doll stitched from an assembly of smudged rags and, not coincidently, the color of dried blood. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-War Toy.png Daggerfall War Toys These tiny Daggerfall soldiers and siege engines carved from wood fit within a simple wool pouch. 00000100100 Gold Children's Toys, Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Dancing Duo Green Lady Bone Marionette Marionette of monkey bones dressed in the traditional iridescent green garb of the Green Lady, used in the Memorial Duo Dance. 00000250250 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Monkey Statue.png Dancing Duo Silvenar Bone Marionette Marionette of monkey bones dressed in the traditional cloth-of-silver robes of the Silvenar, used in the Memorial Duo Dance. 00000250250 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Figurine.png Dancing Spriggan Thumb Puppet Ingenious spriggan puppet carved from articulated bone by Menthorn of Haven; pressure on the base makes the puppet "dance." 00000250250 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Case.png Dollmaker's Kit A small kit containing all the material needed to fashion dolls. The fine components could be resold to unscrupulous merchants. 00000103103 Gold Smithing Equipment, Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Effigy.png Dremora Ragamuffin Doll It seems someone thought this scary, raggedy doll would be popular with children. 0000004040 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-War Toy.png Ebonheart War Toys These tiny Ebonheart soldiers and siege engines are carved from ivory. They fit within a simple mammoth-fur pouch. 00000100100 Gold Children's Toys, Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Fabricant Leather Chimera
(datamined – confirmation needed)
A fantastical, or horrifyingly inaccurate, stuffed animal patched together from assorted fabricant skins. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Felt Vvardvark
(datamined – confirmation needed)
The button eyes of this twisted creature stare back at you. What force of nature allowed this thing to exist? 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-quest-Frost Troll Doll.png Frost Troll Ragamuffin Doll Someone in Windhelm thought these scary, raggedy dolls would be popular with children. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-War Toy.png Glenumbra Moors War Toys Tiny soldiers and siege engines, carved from ivory and modeled after the Battle of Glenumbra Moors, held in a fox-fur pouch. 00000250250 Gold Children's Toys, Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Golden Gwendariel One of the most popular dolls in the Summerset Isles, this tiny High Elf damsel features ringlets of real Elf hair. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Handmade Green Lady Doll A handmade child's doll with intricate embroidery and beading, fashioned to look like the Green Lady. 00000250250 Gold Dolls, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Hearth-Wife Doll A beautifully made child's doll, made to look like a smiling, rosy-cheeked Orc Hearth-Wife. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Figurine.png High King Emeric Porcelain Doll Only a handful of these unflattering figurines were crafted and sold before the High King took offense and outlawed the dolls. 00000250250 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Iron Orc Ragamuffin Doll Someone in Dragonstar thought this creepy, poorly-stitched doll would be adored by children. They were quite wrong. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Ivory Doll A doll dressed in a handmade floral dress, with yarn for hair. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Corkscrew.png Ivory-Handled Gooblet Cat Toy Ornate cat toy, a string of feathers from the extinct gooblet bird hung from an elaborately hand-carved ivory wand. 00000250250 Gold Dolls, Children's Toys
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Jeweled Nixad Marionette String-controlled puppet made from a nixad's carapace, adorned with gemstone eyes, teeth, and toes. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png King Kurog Doll A doll modeled after the Orc King Kurog. The ferocious and monstrous look indicates it was probably crafted by a Breton. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Kinlord Rilis Nesting Dolls Thirteen nesting dolls of painted bamboo, representing Kinlord Rilis the First through Thirteenth. 00000250250 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-War Toy.png Kvatch Pocket Mannequin A portable wooden mannequin intended for clothiers to create their fashions in miniature. Popularized in Kvatch, before the war. 00000250250 Gold Dolls, Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Kwama Warrior Plush
(datamined – confirmation needed)
This hefty doll might protect a little one while they went to bed, but its fearsome face is likely to cause nightmares for some. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-War Toy.png Legionnaire Figurine A posable wooden figure of an Imperial soldier complete with tin armor and blunt weaponry. 0000004040 Gold Dolls, Statues
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Lion Guard Wind-Up Doll A toy Lion Guard soldier, its clockwork gears allow it to march into battle by winding the mechanism with a key. 00000250250 Gold Dolls, Devices
ON-icon-stolen-Furniture.png Longhouse Play Set A child's dollhouse fashioned to resemble an Orc longhouse, filled with intricately-detailed miniature furniture. 00000250250 Gold Children's Toys, Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Collar.png Namiira Choker A nearly completed midnight blue silk choker features silver-threaded embroidery of most of Namiira's name. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Nappy the Nix-Hound Closed eyes have been embroidered on this felt nix-hound, giving it the appearance of peaceful slumber. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Nasty the Netch Angry eyebrows are embroidered on this fabric netch, a strange addition given it has no eyes. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Effigy.png Nightmare Nuzzle A rag doll in the shape of a stylized ghost, Wood Elves take the nuzzle to bed when they want to experience bad dreams. 00000100100 Gold Dolls, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-head-Wasp.png Nix-Guar Thing Why anyone would attach the head of a nix to the body of a guar is anyone's guess, but somebody will probably pay gold for it. 00000100100 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Oil-filled Netch Doll A synthetic bladder adorned with rubbery tubing and filled with thick fluid. Satisfying to squeeze, but always slightly greasy. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-style material-Dwemer Scrap.png Painted Cog The mounting hollows of this gear resemble a smiling face, an effect pronounced by the clever application of enamel paints. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Pedigree Effigy Precious generational dolls are unique to every family and made to assist young Altmer in identifying their lineage. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Effigy.png Plush Hagraven Doll This doll is in near-perfect condition because children found it difficult to love. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Preserver Doll This rugged-leather likeness of Phynaster is believed to watch over children during their adventures away from their parents. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Pristine Wax Lady This dignified depiction of a Dunmer is clothed in fine, hand-crafted miniature garb. Posable with careful application of heat. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Queen Arzhela Doll Ever a favorite of the people, this doll likeness of Queen Arzhela is very popular among young girls in Northern Bangkorai. 00000250250 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Rajhin the Ragged This patchwork Khajiit doll with a crooked smile is made to resemble the trickster god Rajhin and his humble beginnings. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Figurine.png Reman Dynasty Nesting Dolls Collectible set of five painted nesting dolls representing Reman I, Kastav, Reman II, Brazollus Dor, and Reman III. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png River Troll Marionette A marionette puppet, manipulated from above by strings, in the form of a hideously ugly River Troll. 00000103103 Gold Dolls, Children's Toys
ON-icon-stolen-Toy.png Rubber Squeeze Mouse Realistic squeaking mouse, twice life-size, fashioned from cooked gray rubber at The Hissing Phial. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Safekeeping Doll This lumpy cloth dolly has a split in the seam where its previous owner kept small secret treasures from parents and bullies. 0000004040 Gold Dolls, Tools
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Sali the Senche-Lion There isn't a Khajiit around who didn't own or know someone who owned their very own Sali the Senche-Lion doll. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Sap-Speaker Moppet Doll A doll modeled after an Argonian Sap-Speaker, albeit with a large head and smaller body, rarely seen this far from Murkmire. 00000100100 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-head-Black Wolf.png Savage Werewolf Marionette A string-operated puppet in the shape of a savage werewolf, now considered somewhat in bad taste due to events in Camlorn. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Rabbit.png Sil-Var-Woad Stuffed Rabbit This imitation rabbit is made from the pelts of Sil-Var hares and stuffed with swan's down for unrivaled cuddliness. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Six-Silk Ballroom Belle Collecting and dressing Ballroom Belles is out of fashion among young nobles, but the luxurious materials fetch a fair price. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Skald-King Jinx Doll A stuffed doll made of rags, crudely modeled to represent Jorunn the Skald-King. Multiple needles skewer its head and torso. 00000250250 Gold Dolls, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Skald-King Moppet Doll A silk doll fashioned after Jorunn the Skald-King, albeit with an enlarged head and disproportionately smaller body. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Smuggler's Doll This ratty, stained bear doll has a hidden pocket that smells faintly of skooma. 0000004040 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Spinner's Ivory Silvenar Puppet A painted ivory marionette in the image of the Silvenar, with jointed limbs for simulated bowing and blessing. 00000100100 Gold Dolls, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-pet-Bantam Guar.png Stuffed Bantam Guar A lifelike bantam guar doll intended for Dark Elf children. Either that, or an actual stuffed bantam guar. 00000100100 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Satchel.png Stuffed Bat It seems someone fired an arrow right through this bat's head, then had it stuffed and mounted for bragging rights. 00000100100 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-pet-Lizard.png Stuffed Bergama Lizard Stuffed lizards are a common gift for children in the Alik'r. They sometimes even wear tailored clothes. 00000250250 Gold Children's Toys, Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Stuffed Cliff-Strider This replica almost exactly resembles an infant cliff-strider. Perhaps it's best not to bring it out when an adult is nearby. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Toy.png Stuffed Giant Centipede with Googly Eyes An arm's-length centipede stuffed with pinfeathers. The painted quail's-egg eyes seem to follow you. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Stuffed Minotaur Toy A stuffed child's toy made to look like a smiling minotaur. 00000103103 Gold Dolls, Children's Toys
ON-icon-stolen-Monkey Statue.png Stuffed Monkey A lifelike doll intended for Wood Elf children. This is definitely an actual stuffed monkey. 00000100100 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Toy.png Stuffed Mouse Toy A favorite among playful Khajiit, crafted by stuffing a dead mouse with cotton and sewing a small bell to its tail. 00000100100 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-head-Wasp.png Stuffed Nix-Hound Hlanus Hlaalu's son adored his many nix-hounds, so much so that when they died, he had them stuffed. 00000250250 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Stuffed Pony Guar Is it a lifelike doll or an actual stuffed pony guar? And does it really matter anyway? 0000004040 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Rabbit.png Stuffed Rabbit This lifelike doll intended for Breton children couldn't be an actual stuffed rabbit. Could it? 00000100100 Gold Dolls, Oddities
ON-icon-stolen-Figurine.png Stuffed Seht Effigy This adorable and slightly blasphemous depiction of Sotha Sil was once a pillow that now has mechanical bits stitched into it. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-pet-Housecat.png Stuffed Sentinel Cat Fahara'jad's daughters adopted many stray cats. The girls loved them so much, that when they died, he had them stuffed. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Tailor's Best Friend A statuette allowing one to design outfits in miniature. A clever mechanism inside can expand the statuette by a hand's width. 00000250250 Gold Smithing Equipment, Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Ibis.png Tanor the Terror Bird This ugly stuffed terror bird doll is often gifted by rather cruel parents to their terrified children. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Thane Icehammer Doll Only the children of opulence own a Thane Icehammer doll—complete with oozing side wound and extra-sharp battle-axe! 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Transforming Werewolf Doll A rubbery doll of some unknown material that reshapes itself from the form of a Nord into a werewolf when placed in hot water. 00000103103 Gold Dolls, Children's Toys
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Vanus Galerion Doll A crude straw representation of Mages Guildmaster Vanus Galerion. A quill is shoved through the doll's eye. 00000250250 Gold Dolls, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Effigy.png Wicker Effigy A traditional wicker statue, used as a stand-in for the owner in dark rituals no longer sanctioned by most religions. 0000004040 Gold Dolls, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Wilderking Doll Myth or reality? This child's doll depicts the legendary Wilderking as an enormous Elf with antlers. 00000250250 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Doll.png Wooden Marionette The marionette wears a blank expression. Its maker's symbol is burned into the bottom of its left foot. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Figurine.png Xeech'ki Doll A small "seed doll" carved by a talented Wasseek'haleel artisan. 00000100100 Gold Dolls
ON-icon-stolen-Effigy.png Y'ffre Camp Guardian Wood Elves construct these tiny effigies of sticks and twigs, bless them to Y'ffre, and place them to protect their camps. 00000100100 Gold Dolls, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-stolen-Teddy Bear.png Your Friends, Jode and Jone! The big, round bellies and coloring of these plush Khajiit represent the moons Jode and Jone. 00000250250 Gold Dolls