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High Kinlord Rilis XIII
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) First Auridon Marines
High Kinlord Rilis XIII

High Kinlord Rilis XIII is the current ruler of Firsthold, the latest in a line stretching back "almost as long as Altmer have lived on the island". He is accompanying Queen Ayrenn during her visit to Auridon.


Vulkhel Guard[edit]

Meeting him inside Vulkhel Guard Manor & Treasury before starting the local objective, he'll greet you simply, "Welcome to Vulkhel Guard!"

When you meet him just outside the manor during A Hostile Situation, he says, "Enjoying the city, I hope? Apologies if the others are a bit distracted. Everyone's on edge today."

After successfully completing the quest , he'll tell you some more about himself:

"You've saved the Queen! What else can I say? Well done. Very well done."
Who are you?
"Why, I have the pleasure of being the High Kinlord of Firsthold! The name's Rilis. The Thirteenth.
My family has ruled the northern tip of Auridon almost as long as Altmer have lived on the island."


During the Veiled Heritance's siege of Firsthold, he is kidnapped by High Kinlady Estre. If spoken to after he is saved but before you speak with the queen, he'll thank you: "Ayrenn's healers have seen to me. I'm alive, thanks to you."

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