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Maps are a type of Contraband. Maps can be found in (?).

Icon Item Description Value Type
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Ancient Map of Eastern Skyrim (page) This antique map from the time of Queen Freydis is as notable for its geographical inaccuracies as it is for its age. 00000250250 Gold Maps
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Ancient Map of Evermore (page) This antique map shows how the city was arranged when it was first built centuries ago. 00000250250 Gold Maps
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Ancient Map of High Rock (page) This ancient map is as notable for its geographical inaccuracies as it is for its age. 00000250250 Gold Maps
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Ancient Map of Morrowind (page) This antique map is as notable for its geographical inaccuracies as it is for its age. 00000250250 Gold Maps
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Ancient Map of Unknown Land (page) This antique map clearly shows a land currently unknown by modern cartographers and explorers. 00000100100 Gold Maps
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Antique Map of High Rock (page) An antique map from the time of the Direnni Hegemony. Though inconsistent with modern maps, the calligraphy is beautiful. 00000250250 Gold Maps, Artwork
ON-icon-quest-Plans 01.png Beautifully Rendered Chart (page) This chart is highly detailed with different shades and ink. The strange symbols are rendered in perfect, steady writing. 00000100100 Gold Artwork, Maps
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Black Marsh Transportation Guide (page) A hand-drawn map of the various underground expressways formed by the roots of the Hist trees and the common routes for traders. 0000004040 Gold Maps, Artwork
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Camel Map of Hew's Bane (page) A hardy rectangle of camel leather with an intricate map of Hew's Bane tattooed into the skin. 00000250250 Gold Maps, Oddities
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Caravan Schedule (page) These simple maps and notes appear to reveal a future caravan's route and schedule. A fence could resell these to bandits. 0000004040 Gold Maps
ON-icon-misc-Compass.png Compass of the Deadlands (page) This compass would be a useful tool for mortals trying to navigate the Deadlands … if they could read it. 00000250250 Gold Devices, Maps
ON-icon-stolen-Directions.png Directions to Clockwork City (page) Scouting reports, collected rumors, and suppositions on the true location of Sotha Sil's Clockwork City. 000015001500 Gold Writings, Maps
ON-icon-stolen-Schematics.png Dwemer Animunculi Schematics (page) These complex schematics detail several types of Dwemer builder constructs. 000015001500 Gold Artwork, Maps, Writings
ON-icon-quest-Plans 01.png Dwemer Tonal Diagram (page) A schematic utilizing the principles of tonal architecture, indecipherable by any but the lost Dwemer people. 000015001500 Gold Maps, Writings
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Fanciful Map of Rivenspire (page) This map from the time of King Ranser is notable for its extended borders, displaying Ranser's intentions at the time. 00000250250 Gold Maps
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Fanciful Map of the Rift (page) This map from the time of King Einar is notable for its depiction of fantastic creatures along the edges of the parchment. 00000250250 Gold Maps, Artwork
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Gideon Alley Map (page) This weathered map doesn't look like much, but it illustrates the crime-infested alleys of Gideon in considerable detail. 00000250250 Gold Maps
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Greenshade Tunnel Map (page) An extremely detailed map of the cave networks under Greenshade. It would be useful to anyone traveling in secret. 00000250250 Gold Maps
ON-icon-book-Scroll 04.png Hand-Drawn Constellation Map (page) A meticulously detailed map of the stars. The Warrior, Mage, and Thief are the most prominent constellations. 00000250250 Gold Maps, Artwork
ON-icon-stolen-Blanket.png High Rock Quilt (page) This Breton quilt features an embroidered map of High Rock. Southern Bangkorai is included in Evermore's domain. 00000100100 Gold Maps, Furnishings
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Inaccurate Riften Map (page) This map of Riften contains glaring mistakes and was supposedly commissioned on Thane Unnvald's orders to confuse the Worm Cult. 00000250250 Gold Maps
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Inaccurate Rivenspire Map (page) A map of Rivenspire containing glaring mistakes. Supposedly commissioned on King Ranser's orders to confuse High King Emeric. 00000250250 Gold Maps
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Map of Eastern Skyrim (page) A map showing the current borders of Eastern Skyrim, though it appears to have a number of errors and inconsistencies. 00000250250 Gold Maps
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Outdated Map of Tamriel (page) This map of Tamriel was drawn before the Alliance War began. However, it still accurately depicts geography and distance. 0000004040 Gold Maps
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Painted Pocket Dimension Map (page) A colorfully painted map of a previously unknown pocket dimension in Oblivion. 00000100100 Gold Artwork, Maps
ON-icon-book-Scroll 04.png Read No Further! (page) A scroll emblazoned with these words in large type. Below, in smaller type, is a short, highly erotic poem involving a vampire. 00000100100 Gold Writings
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Rivenspire Map Desk Blotter (page) Desk blotter printed with a map of Rivenspire, with an inkblot half-covering Sanguine Barrows. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies, Maps
ON-icon-stolen-Satchel.png Royal Cartographer's Kit (page) This sturdy satchel contains a silver-coated sextant, fine vellum, inks, and a number of quills. 00000100100 Gold Scrivener Supplies, Maps
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Secret Roads Map (page) This map locates several hidden passes and caves that run though the mountains between Hallin's Stand and Satakalaam. 00000250250 Gold Maps
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Silk Map of Summerset Isles (page) Sailors and collectors alike would covet this delicately woven map of the Summerset Isles. 00000100100 Gold Maps, Dry Goods
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Star Map (page) A detailed map of the Tamrielic sky, prepared by members of the Star-Gazer Order. 00000250250 Gold Maps, Ritual Objects
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Summerset Isles Map Scroll (page) A wooden scroll case containing a beautifully hand-painted cloth map of the Summerset Isles. 00000250250 Gold Maps, Dry Goods
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Summerset Isles Nautical Depth Chart (page) A highly detailed nautical chart of ocean depths and hazards in the strait separating Auridon and Summerset. 00000250250 Gold Maps
ON-icon-quest-Shadowfen map.png Woodhearth Sewer Map (page) A smugglers' map of the Woodhearth sewers. 00000250250 Gold Maps