Lore:Brazollus Dor

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Emperor Brazollus Dor
Race Imperial Gender Male
Died 1E 2877
Reign 1E 2843-
1E 2877
Previous Ruler Reman II
Next Ruler Reman III
Resided in Cyrodiil

Brazollus Dor was the fourth emperor of the Reman Dynasty. He was crowned after his predecessor, Reman II, was killed in battle during the Four-Score War in 1E 2843.

Disinterested in matters of state, Brazollus spent most of his reign at his country estate near Skingrad, preferring to let his Potentate Sidri-Ashak run almost all of the Empire's affairs. This has been noted as Brazollus's only wise decision, for Sidri-Ashak proved to be a particularly adept administrator.[1]

Freed from his burden of duty, Emperor Brazollus would do much to advance the arts of feastmaking and debauchery to a level unrivaled until the reign of the Longhouse Emperors. One such event was the Feast of Saint Coellicia, held in honor of a minor martyr of the Alessian Slave Rebellion.[2]

Despite his purported idleness, Brazollus supposedly had a habit of personally leading combat from the vanguard of his forces.[3]


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