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Home City Silvenar
Location Dra'bul
Two Moons Path
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Health 133844 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Friendly
Hostile (During Restore the Silvenar)
Other Information
Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion

Gwaering is a Bosmer and the niece of Finoriell, the previous Green Lady. After Finoriell's death due to losing her Silvenar, Gwaering was chosen to be the new Green Lady. She then married the new Silvenar, Indaenir, in the city of Silvenar.

She was born and raised in Deepwoods alongside her sister, Lanwaen. She was a close friend of a mer named Ulthorn before she became the Green Lady.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Drublog of Dra'bul[edit]

After dealing with the Drublog in Velyn Harbor, The Green Lady will be waiting to meet you:

"The sergeant said Velyn Harbor would have fallen without you. Honor to meet you—I'm the Green Lady. The, uh, the new one.
I could use your help. The Drublog clan usually side with my people in times of war. We need to learn what changed."
How do we do that?
"I'm going to Dra'bul, the Wood Orcs' nearest settlement. If The Silvenar arrives, I'll send him on ahead.
When you can, I'd appreciate your help in Dra'bul. You have a spear in this pig too, since you fought the Drublog here."
Why don't we just go together?
"To be blunt, you couldn't keep up.
Don't be offended. I can travel through the forest at great speed. I'll perform a few emissarial duties here, and still beat you to Dra'bul."
All right, then we'll meet in Dra'bul.
"Velyn Harbor's been preparing for my wedding, so I have to take the time to meet with the locals.
Don't worry! I'll still beat you to Dra'bul."
When the Silvenar arrives, will he be safe?
"He'll be as safe as his entourage can make him.
Don't worry. I may embody the physical prowess of the Wood Elves, but the Silvenar has all our spiritual strength.
That's why our union is so important to my people."
What do you mean?/And that's part of Bosmer history?/Why is your role important to the Bosmer?
"The Bosmer were once carefree, untroubled by things beyond Valenwood. With changing times, we also changed.
The Silvenar holds the spiritual essence of the Bosmer, and the Green Lady holds the physical aspects. Each generation, we renew our vows."
Who are you, exactly?
"My name is Gwaering, and I've only recently become the Green Lady.
The former Green Lady, my aunt Finoriell, died while traveling on behalf of the Dominion's Queen. At her death, my destiny was revealed, and I began the necessary rituals."
What sort of rituals?
"Too many, if you want to know the truth! Still, it's important for the Bosmer to see the Silvenar and Green Lady married. It keeps us stable.
I'm proud of my heritage, and have renounced my worldly obligations in order to become the Green Lady."
The Green Lady in a standoff outside Dra'bul

Arrive in Dra'bul and you'll find her waiting outside the Orc encampment. If you completed The Hound's Men, she'll greet you with:

"Seems I've a lot to thank you for. I didn't expect you to go off and save my sister while I was away.
Glad you made it here in one piece."

If not, she'll merely say:

"Good to see you made it here in one piece."
Have you spoken to the Drublog yet?
"No. Well, I've spoken to them, but gotten no answers.
This may take a little more effort than I first estimated."

Reap What Is Sown[edit]

Gwaering will continue:

<Completed The Hound's Men>: "The Drublog refuse to tell me anything. After what happened in Velyn Harbor, I can guess why.
My sister's safe because of you. Can I count on you here as well?"
<Didn't complete The Hound's Men>: "The Drublog refuse to tell me anything. After what happened in Velyn Harbor, I can guess why.
You helped at the harbor. Can I count on you here too?"
What do you need?
"Another pair of eyes. I need to meet with the chieftain, Chieftain Agrakh, and my travel will be limited.
But I can make a glamour—a disguise—for you. As a Drublog soldier, you'll be able to go where I can't."
You want to disguise me as Drublog soldier?
"First, take a lock of hair from a Drublog champion … with a blade, if you have to. Chieftain Agrakh will respect your strength and allow you to attend the meeting.
If he lies to us? I'll make a glamour with the lock of hair. Then you can look around."
I'll get to work.
"Meet me at Chieftain Agrakh's longhouse when you're done. If his answers don't satisfy me, we'll put those locks of hair to good use."

Collect the lock of hair and go to the Chieftain's Longhouse. After speaking to Agrakh, Gwaering will arrive:

"As I expected. Chieftain Agrakh is hiding something, but I don't know what.
Good thing we've already planned for this. Are you ready for a little subterfuge?"
Yes. Once I'm disguised, what should I do?
"I want you to find their shaman. I saw him heading to the beach a short while ago.
The chieftain is waiting for something, and I need to find out what. Find a good hiding place and listen in."
All right. I'm ready for the disguise.
"Good. Follow me—we want to be a little less … visible for this."

As she turns to leave, she'll address Roku:

The Green Lady : "You don't want this war, Roku.
The Green Lady : "I've known this clan for years. We've never been allies, but this hostility is unexpected."

Step outside the longhouse and Gwaering will cast her spell:

The Green Lady : "This should let you talk to the Drublog without bloodshed."

After destroying each totem, Roku will run to Gwaering's aid:

Roku: "Are you hurt, Elf?"
Shaman Glazulg: "Roku! Stay back!"
The Hound: "Though I am in Silvenar's city, I have power. Chieftain, cut them down!"
Chieftain Agrakh: "I warned you, Roku! You chose to stand against your people!"
Shaman Glazulg: "No! Brother! Stay your hand!"
<Chieftain Agrakh kills Roku>
The Green Lady: "Chieftain Agrakh. You have much to answer for."
<The Green Lady attacks Chieftain Agrakh>
The Green Lady: "The Hound... I know who he truly is. It does not bode well."

Speak to the Green Lady.

"The Hound. He has gone too far!
If what he said was true, the Silvenar—my Silvenar—is gone!"
Who is the Hound? Do you know him?
"Yes. It'll take too long to explain, though. I must go after him. The Hound is my concern, and mine alone.
Yet, I can't just leave the Silvenar in danger. It's as if I must be in two places at once."
What are you going to do?
"I have to face the Hound. If I can reason with him, then there'll be no need to go after the Silvenar.
Even after all he's done, I need to give him that chance."

Restore the Silvenar[edit]

Enter the Audience Hall and The Green Lady will attack on sight:

The Green Lady : "How dare you threaten us?"
The Green Lady : "The Hound is my true consort! You will not interfere!"

The Hound will appear from a swirling read mist…

The Hound : "I'm here, Gwaering! No one can stop our union now!"

Just as The Silvenar enters the hall:

The Silvenar : "Green Lady! Remember the Green Pact! Come to me!"
The Hound : "No! We belong together!"

The Silvenar casts a hold spell on The Green Lady and pulls her to him. The Hound turns hostile and attacks:

The Silvenar : "Return to the Pact, loyal hunter!"

Once the Hound is defeated, The Silvenar turns to his lady:

The Silvenar : "And good riddance to that. Gwaering, are you hurt?"
The Green Lady : "I'll be fine. Let's not delay the ceremony any longer."

Speak to her and she'll say:

"The shadow's lifted! For the first time in many moons, my spirit is my own. I can see my destiny again.
Without your help, the Silvenar might never have made it back. I hope I didn't injure you."
I'll recover. You're very strong.
"I embody the physical strength of the Bosmer, but it proved useless against Hircine's magic.
The Hound was once my dearest friend Ulthorn. Despite everything, I thought I could make him change his destructive course. I was wrong."
What happened?
"Ulthorn allowed me to think I could reach him, but his words were wrapped in Hircine's magic as the Hound.
They drew out my primal spirit, and I lusted for the hunt. I felt as the ancient Bosmer must have felt, before the Pact."
How was that?
"Like there was nothing for me but blood, and the kill. If you hadn't arrived, I'd be a Houndsman, hunting innocent Bosmer. But stronger, with my power as the Green Lady encouraging others to turn feral.
We must complete the handfast quickly."
What do we need to do now?
"Retrieve the Handfast. It was crafted in Valeguard and sent here for the wedding ceremony.
Fortunately, the spinners hid it away somewhere in the city, to keep it from the Hound … and me."
Where should I look?
"Scout Anglith, chief of the Silvenar's hunters, should know.
Considering how much you've helped us already, I can't think of anyone else who deserves the honor more than you."
I'll be back soon with the Handfast.
The Handfast

After the wedding ceremony, she'll tell you:

"The spinners will weave your actions into the story of the Bosmer. I'll see to that myself.
I'm the Green Lady. They'll listen."

Once the quest is complete, she'll tell you:

"I hope the Silvenar survives the handfast bonding. I know he has great spiritual reserves, but ….
Well, anyway, I'm certain he can handle the celebrations!"

A Tale Forever Told[edit]

"You follow me to my home? I should bite your feet off, and see how well you run!
The Hound is my consort. He has shown me the way of the wilds, and we rule over the forest, together. I need nothing from you!"
Come with me before the Hound corrupts you as well.
"I am the Green Lady, the immortal aspect of Bosmer strength. I take orders from no one.
The Hound told me the story, and it excites me. If he's a part of this, then so am I. The story shall include us both!"
What about the Silvenar?
"I don't know that name. Hmm. Yet, I feel something when you say it. As if this were all a dream ….
No! He said there would be temptations, charlatans, liars! The beasts will take care of you!"

Stop The Hound and she'll say:

"You defeated him. I didn't think it was possible."
It had to be done.
"I see that now. His story is not mine.
The incarnation of the Green Lady must know you. I will entrust you with my essence. Complete the story as it should be told."
I will.
With those words she vanishes.

The Ties that Bind[edit]

Activate the Bone Amulet and you'll hear:

Gwaering: "Of course, Ulthorn! It's a beautiful first kill!"
Ulthorn: "Then you'll …."
Gwaering: "How could I not? But … the spinners have summoned me. I must go to Silvenar."

Activate the Hunting Bow and you'll hear:

Ulthorn: "The Green Lady? But that's impossible!"
Gwaering: "If the spinners say I am, then I must be. We … we weren't meant to be."
Ulthorn: "No! You must refuse. Gwaering, we will not be torn apart like this!"
Gwaering: "Ulthorn, please. My part in this story is … over."
Ulthorn: "Then the story is wrong!"

Activate the Totem of Hircine and you'll hear:

Gwaering: "You shouldn't have come, Ulthorn."
Ulthorn: "They fear him, Gwaering! With Hircine's aid, we could …."
Gwaering: "The Daedric Prince? I won't hear any more. If you think I'd turn against my people, you're mad."
Ulthorn: "I don't care what it takes. Gwaering, I won't let this die. I'll do anything for you!"
Gwaering: "Anything? Then stop! My duty is to my people. I will protect them from any threat. Even you!"
Ulthorn: "Gwaering …."
Gwaering: "Take back the amulet, Ulthorn. Take it, and remember what we once were."
Ulthorn: "This isn't over. This is not the end!"

The First Step[edit]

You can speak with her before starting the ritual.

"I know that scent. Green keep you, my friend. The Silvenar and I are well pleased that we could be here to support the Khajiiti people."
The Wood Elves aren't worried about the Mane's fall?
"Oh, no. My people are deeply divided. I believe this is one of the most vulnerable moments our fragile Dominion has faced. King Camoran himself felt he had to remain in Valenwood. Stay close to the people, keep them from worrying."
What do you think?
"I have spoken with the Champions, taken in their scent. They seem lean, strong, flexible … much like my Silvenar. I fear they do not have the experience, the age, that the Mane should have. But I am willing to watch and wait and see."

Once you've spoken to Kauzanabi-jo, she will tell you, "The Wood Elves of Valenwood stand behind you on this sacred journey, Hallowed." After the trials she will say, "I forsee great things in the Khajiiti people's future. It's an honor to have been present for such an important ritual."

The Path to Moonmont[edit]

"We shall see you at Dune, then. I look forward to our next conversation."

The Fires of Dune[edit]

Arrive in Dune and you'll find him and other Dominion leaders in the ruined house across from Crafty Mazduni's Caravan:

"What a disaster to befall such a fair city …."

After you've spoken to Queen Ayrenn, she'll say, "Destruction. Devastation. Our Dominion does not deserve this treatment."

The Moonlit Path[edit]

When you arrive at the Temple of the Dance, you'll find her and others outside the entrance. After speaking to the Lunar Champion, she'll say, "Our thoughts are with you, Hallowed. May the Green guide your steps."

A vision of the Silvenar and the Green Lady fleeing from chaos occurs during the quest. Approach Gwaering and Indaenir and The Silvenar will start to attack:

The Silvenar : "Brace yourself … wait. Who are you?"
The Green Lady : "You smell friendly. Brace yourselves! Here they come!"

After the first wave of the Wild Hunt:

The Silvenar : "Why? Why my love? Why is this happening?"
The Green Lady : "The Hunt … it's turned them. This never would have happened if the Dominion had stayed intact! Damn the eagle banner!"
The Silvenar : "I'm glad you two showed up. You can help us find … nng."

After the second wave:

The Silvenar : "Nng! The pain! I can't go on much longer like this."
The Green Lady : "What's wrong, my heart? Are you wounded?"
The Silvenar : "I don't know. I feel weak. I don't know what's happening."
The Green Lady : "Hold on a little longer, my love … damn it. Yet more coming. Help us!"

After the next wave:

The Green Lady : "We can't hold this place. Got to get out of here. Follow, if you would live."
The Silvenar : "Leave me here, my love. Find safety. I can fend for myself."

Follow the two to a secluded spot and speak to the Green Lady.

"He'll be all right. We've suffered through worse."
He doesn't look well, my lady.
"He's fine. He's just tired. We've been running for so long now. I don't know how much longer we can keep this up."
What happened to the Wood Elves?
"After Akkhuz-ri's fall, and the death of Gharesh-ri, the Khajiit fell away from the Dominion. The other Alliances moved in. We tried to make the heart of the forest beat that much stronger, but they lost hope."
What did you do?
"We … we said the words. And the Wild Hunt returned to Valenwood. It roamed through the forest, drove our people feral. It had consumed them before we realized what had happened. That's when the chase began."
Will you be able to survive?
"Who knows? As soon as my mate wakes we can get moving again. Then from there, I have no clue. But wait. He's stirring. What is it, my heart? Are you all right?"
The Green Lady : "What's wrong? What's happening?"
The Silvenar : "Run. Get out of here!"
The Green Lady : "No, love. I won't. I can't leave you!"
The Silvenar : "Get out of here before I hurt you!"

The Silvenar will turn into a werewolf and it'll be up to you to put him down.

"We fought so hard for our people. To see him dead by my own hand …."
I'm sorry for your loss.
"We did what we had to do. This isn't your fault. This is … this is Ayrenn's fault! That witch. She held the Dominion so tight that it suffocated. And now we have no more breath in our chests."
What will you do now?
"It … it doesn't matter. The others will find me. And with my Silvenar dead, I shall soon follow. The heart of the forest, dead, and the Wild Hunt rampant. This is the end …."
I can't just leave you.
"Go! There's no hope now … if the Khajiit hadn't left us. If those bastard cats and the witch-queen of the Altmer hadn't … go! Leave us, and remember that the heart of the forest once beat within the chest of an Elf."
"Leave me alone. Let me die here."

Speaking to the Green Lady in the real world after seeing the vision of the Bosmer:

"I'm sorry, Hallowed. The words of the Moon-Bishop have affected me greatly. The thought of my people gone feral, my Silvenar dead …."

The Den of Lorkhaj[edit]

After returning from the plane of Lorkhaj, she'll comment, "May the end of your Path be marked by no sorrows, no sadnesses." After the ceremony to crown the new Mane is complete, she'll add, "I will admit, Hallowed. The words of the Moon-Bishop affected me deeply. But your victory here … the scent of your return to our living world. The dawn of a new day for our allies. It fills my heart with hope."