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Wamasu (ESO)

The Wamasu (also called Wamasus[1] and colloquially, Swamp Dragons)[2] are large reptilian beasts that hail from the province of Black Marsh, known for their lightning powers and tough exterior. Their existence is largely shrouded in myth by anyone other than the Argonians, only ancient tales from Nordic explorers and hunters are privy to their existence. The expedition of Sotild Blood-Rood[2] and stories from the northern men have been the best source regarding them.[1]

The wamasu provides bountiful resources that are considered valuable across Tamriel, precisely their sturdy hide and their luminescent organs, which can be used in making a variety of goods, such as tarps and lanterns.[3][4][5] Argonian wamasu handlers utilized prods insulated with hist sap to guard against electrical discharges.[6]

Wamasu bones are black and are said to carry electricity, which remains for several years and gives out a tingly feeling.[7] They lay eggs that emit lightning as the embryo fertilizes and grows. The eggs are ready to hatch once the lightning is gone.[8] Unsavory organizations have been known to procure these creatures and keep them away in dungeons. The Scaled Court used these creatures to create the Mantikora.[9] Native tribes of Argonia such as the Dead-Water Tribe and the lizard-folk of Mazzatun have weapons and armor inspired by the wamasu.[10][11] Perhaps the most famous wamasu is the legendary beast of Shadowfen, the Haynekhtnamet.[1] References to this beast date back several hundred years prior to 2E 582. The locals would provide offerings, believing that it would cease the seasonal flooding.[12]


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