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A Tree Minder collecting the Hist sap, as seen in Legends

When Hist Sap is licked by an Argonian, the tree is capable of communicating with the Argonian through visions.[1] The sap of the Hist seems to increase the combat prowess of those who drink it. Hist sap has the ability to 'alter' living organisms, which may explain Argonian origins.[1] Ingesting large quantities of Hist-Sap is often dangerous, even for Argonians. The Sap-Speakers of the Miredancer Tribe, known for communing with their Hist and ingesting large amounts of sap in the process, often suffer the effects of sap-poisoning, including "gold tongue" (permanent change of mouth pigmentation to a golden hue), "bark scale" (thickening and darkening of surface scales), and unwanted hallucinations among other symptoms.[2] The Blackwood Company smuggled a Hist tree from Black Marsh to their headquarters in Leyawiin, and extracted the sap to exploit this. However, when consumed by non-Argonian species, the Hist sap had strong hallucinogenic properties that sent them into dangerous bloodlust, though this particular Hist sap was modified to have similar effects on Argonians, as well.[3] At the end of the Third Era, a recruit of the Fighters Guild sabotaged the Hist extraction mechanism, destroying the tree in the process.[4]

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