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The Rootmender's Staff granted to the Vestige during a vision

The Rootmender's Staff, formerly known as the Sap-Speaker's Staff, was an artifact entrusted to the Vestige during their expedition in Murkmire by Sap-Speaker Kuzai of the former Root-Whisper Tribe. It was materialized out of a lifelike vision of the past into reality. It was quickly snatched by the traitorous Kassandra with the intent of using it to locate another artifact known as the Remnant of Argon which contained the souls of the former Root Whisper Tribe.[1]

With the Rootmender's Staff, Kassandra attempted to delay the Vestige by summoning powerful Hist sap beams from the staff but it was not enough to fend them off and fled deeper into the xanmeer. She found the Remnant of Argon further in the Vakka-Bok xanmeer, creating a Miregaunt but was consumed by it. She took control of it and she used it against the Vestige and had to be put down.[2] After Celebrations of their victory over the Blackguards, both artifacts retrieved, reformation of the Root-Whisper Tribe, the Argonians of Murkmire granted the Vestige the Rootmender's staff along with the title of Rootmender.[3]


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