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Sethiete (also called Seth)[1] is a deity that is worshipped across Tamriel. The nature of Sethiete is unknown, but what is known is his influence. His places of worship are known as the Temples of Sethiete, and one of his temples is a landmark in the city of Camlorn that anchors the main street with the Royal Palace.[2] Seth's followers held vast control over the city of Gideon during the Imperial Simulacrum.[1] There is the exclamation, "By Sethiete", which is used in the Kingdom of Camlorn.[3] His holy symbol is the Ankh.

Jagar Tharn was a follower of Sethiete and a member of the temple in Camlorn, four years before he impersonated Emperor Uriel Septim VII and started the decade of conflict known as the Imperial Simulacrum.[4]


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