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Temple of Stendarr

"Our God is the God of Mercy, Stendarr. Some mock our compassion, calling us sentimental fools and tenderhearts. But the truth is that everyone, no matter their strength, crawls to us when Sai, the God of Luck deserts them as he is prone to do. Our gift to the traveller is a simple one -- we heal those who are in pain. For more complicated ailments, diseases and poisonings, we direct you to the Temple of Kynareth. Though we desire to help all Tamrielans, we only possess the means to train and assist a small handful. Sometimes, it is best to begin one's compassion with oneself." — Excerpt of the temple's description in Daggerfall

The Temple of Stendarr is the temple dedicated to Stendarr the Steadfast, the God of Mercy and Justice. These are generally the place of worship for him. The temple is the common man's place of healing, where everyone is welcomed no matter the strength or background.[1] While they do not offer an extensive amount of care like the Temple of Kynareth, they can provide the necessary training to help those in need. They believe that the best way to bring out people's compassion is by having them look into themselves.[2] The Crusaders is their militant arm and the Benevolence of Mara and cult of Boethiah are considered their allies. The Temple of Stendarr is considered the enemies of the Citadel of Ebonarm. In the Iliac Bay, the order has many chapters, some of which include the Alik'r, Mournoth, and Santaki in Hammerfell, and Bhoriane, Phrygias, and Urvaius in High Rock.[3]

Further Information[edit]

Like other divine temples, the Temple of Stendarr focuses on several skills that determine a member's ranking in the temple, among these include the Daedric language, blunt weaponry, the school of Restoration magic, and medical knowledge. The highest-known ranking in the order is the Patriarch/Matriarch,[3] or the Primate.[4] On every Sundas, the common-folk gather at the Temple of Stendarr for worship, even the Countess of Chorrol, Arriana Valga attended these sermons with her people.[5]

The Saint of Evermore, Pelin was a beadle of the Temple when he achieved sainthood for his effort to defend the Bangkorai Garrison in 1E 1029. His help in the defense for the pass allowed the province of High Rock into the First Empire under Empress Hestra.[6] In 3E 139, Sir Casimir of the Knights of the Nine had disgracefully killed an unknown beggar, Stendarr placed a curse on him and his bloodline, and the Gauntlets of the Crusader were left in the Chapel of Stendarr, in Chorrol.[7] Ever since then, no one was able to lift them. By 3E 433, Casimir's descendant, Kellen had continued to hold onto the curse until the Divine Crusader took it upon themself and the gauntlets were lifted for the first time in years.[8]

There are several other factions that have served under the name of Stendarr. Among these include the Vigil of Stendarr, a group of paladins that fight to extinguish any influence of Daedra in the world, ever since the Oblivion Crisis in 3E 433. The Resolute of Stendarr serves the same purpose as the temple, to heal and defend the people and smite evil.[9] The Sect of Harmonious Masters is an order of Altmer worshippers that live in Lillandril, even though worship of Stendarr is looked down upon in elven societies. The harmonious masters adapted Stendarr's magical light for healing others.[10]

The Crusaders[edit]

The Crusaders is the militant arm of the Temple of Stendarr. It is their sacred duty to protect the temple and fight their battles. While they uphold their beliefs, the crusaders understand that the temple can not realistically survive on its own.[11]


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