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Bangkorai Pass
Type Mountain Pass
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Region Bangkorai
Appears in ESO
The garrison at the Bangkorai Pass circa 2E 582

Bangkorai Pass is a mountain pass on the border between High Rock and Hammerfell, in the Bangkorai region (which was named after the pass). The pass is home to the Bangkorai Garrison, which has played a crucial role in defending High Rock against invaders from Hammerfell and the eastern lands for centuries.[1][2] According to tradition, the kings of Evermore are entombed at Bangkorai Garrison so they can protect their borders for "all eternity."[3]


The Knights defeat the Gray Host

Many great battles took place at Bangkorai Pass throughout its history:

  • In 1E 973, King Joile of Daggerfall betrayed his Redguard allies and attempted to invade Hammerfell. A group of Ansei defended the pass against his army, but eventually all of them fell, except Makela Leki. In desperation, Leki was able to summon her spirit sword, which allowed her to single-handedly defeat the Breton army and slay King Joile. However, she died of her wounds shortly afterwards. Before her death, she was able to record her memories in a magical memory stone, which was later recovered.[4] Some Breton historians and political commentators of the time characterise King Joile's actions not as a betrayal, but from goodness of heart and a desire to bring solid safety and comfort to his peoples across all of High Rock.[5][6]
  • In 1E 1029, Empress Hestra deposed King Styriche, the Vampire of Verkarth. Styriche fled west, destroying everything in his path, until he was defeated at the Bangkorai Pass. Pelin, a priest of Stendarr who would later be known as Saint Pelin, died during that battle.[7] Empress Hestra was so impressed by the bravery of the Bretons that she decided to add High Rock to the Alessian Empire.[2] In honor of Saint Pelin's actions, the annual Red Parade celebration is held at the garrison where the priest's sacrifice is reenacted.[8]
  • In 1E 2305, after High Rock seceded from the Empire, the Alessian Order invaded the province to reclaim it by force. The Alessian Legions of Piety and Grace under Abbot-General Priscus Mactator laid siege to the garrison for five months with no success. The Abbot-General was forced to admit defeat and retreated. Baroness Falinne Guimard of House Guimard was among the defenders.[2][9][nb 1]
  • In 2E 541, Durcorach the Black Drake laid siege to the Bangkorai Garrison during his invasion of High Rock. His army poured into Mournoth and Ephesus from the eastern mountains, sacked Evermore and attacked the garrison from behind.[10][2] Accounts speak of a relentless daily slaughter at the gates for five months, as the Black Drake sent wave after wave of Reach warriors against the garrison walls.[8]


^  The book On the War of Righteousness states that the Alessian Order refrained from sending a military response to High Rock until after the marriage between the children of King Desynan of Skingrad and Queen Margert Gardner of Wayrest in 1E 2319.


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