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School of Julianos

The Schools of Julianos are the temples dedicated to Julianos. Because Julianos is the god of wisdom, his temples are organized like academies. The Schools of Julianos are among the most knowledgeable research institutions in Tamriel, probably second only to the Mages Guild. The Knights Mentor comprise the military wing of the schools.


The School of Julianos is no mere temple, dedicated to mindless obeisance to a distant and hazy God figure. Julianos is a god, to be sure, but foremost he is a symbol of learning, logic, philosophy, and wisdom. We espouse no moral philosophy other than the goodness of knowledge. As the great Psijic once said, the power of ignorance can truly shatter mithril like glass. That is our enemy. Scholarship is a long and difficult journey, and Julianos does not tolerate those who wish to shorten it. However, He does bless those who generously donate to His School with a temporary increase in their magical skills. While we advocate literacy and education for all Tamrielans, our policy for those who wish to join the School itself is very stringent. We have little time to waste training the slow and the lazy.[1]


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