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Dragonguard Drake of Blades
LG-cardart-Divine Fervor Alt.png
Drake of Blades, imbued with the power of Akatosh
Race Imperial Gender Female
Born 2nd Era
Resided in Dragonfire Cathedral, Imperial City
Appears in ESO, Legends
"Lord Akatosh, I am yours! I pledge my blades and my soul to your service! I am your shield and your vengeance, now and for all time!" —Drake of Blades

Drake of Blades was an Imperial agent and member of the Dragonguard. During the long Interregnum, in the absence of any true emperor to protect, the Dragonguard protected the Ruby Throne in the Imperial City from the petty warlords who ran rampant in Cyrodiil.[1] They were driven underground by Empress Regent Clivia Tharn during the Planemeld after captain Sai Sahan disappeared but continued to operate in the province under pseudonyms.[2] In circa 2E 582 she fought against forces of Molag Bal during the invasion of the Imperial City[3] and became the immortal guardian of the Sublime Brazier.[4]


Drake of Blades (Legends)
Father Egnatius performing the ritual on the Sublime Brazier to empower Drake of Blades
The main chamber of the Dragonfire Cathedral Cathedral

Little is known of Drake of Blades past before she joined the Dragonguard, except for the fact that she is of Imperial descent.[5] At some point she joined the organization and just like her fellow members of the Dragonguard she was driven underground by the Empress Regent Clivia Tharn.[2] She was known to be a secretive person and generally preferred to work alone, making only temporary allies.[6] At some point she came into contact with The Rat, a former advisor to the Emperor Leovic.[7][2] She has made contact with forces of the Ebonheart Pact, Daggerfall Covenant and the Aldmeri Dominion, but those meetings have been infrequent and cursory. She sided with neither of the sides during the Three Banners War, instead focusing on providing aid to the people who wound up in the Imperial City during the daedric invasion in 2E 582.[5]

The imperial woman who used the pseudonym Drake of Blades was an agent of the Dragonguard who played a large role in protecting the Sublime Brazier and thwarting Molag Bal's invasion of the Imperial City circa 2E 582. She did this by scouting the Imperial City and gathering information from the Three Alliances, and then worked with the Vestige to stop Molag Bal's plot to snuff out the Dragonfires forever. The Drake and the Vestige blew up a mining operation in the Memorial District, saved Father Egnatius, stole a book about the Sublime Brazier from the Daedra and defeated the Xivkyn in the Arena District to obtain vital information from The Rat among other events. The Drake of Blades, Father Egnatius, Captain Anatolius Caudex, and the Vestige managed to defeat the waves of the Daedric foes and prevented General Malivus from successfully destroying the Sublime Brazier.[3][2]

The Drake of Blades then performed a ritual with Father Egnatius to transform her into the guardian of the Sublime Brazier until another Dragonborn took the throne. Once this ritual was complete the Drake of Blades became the immortal guardian of the Brazier and the Dragonfire Cathedral, blessed with the power of Akatosh himself and forever bound to the temple. During the ritual, she experienced a vision and according to her own words could see everything.[2] She was granted immense power and immortality by Akatosh himself. Aside from immortality, she was bestowed control over flames as well as the ability to open portals despite the lack of the extensive magical training received before the blessing.[4] Another ability granted to her by the Akatosh was the power of second sight. Her precognitive abilities were likened to the ones possessed by the Imperial Saints.[8] The Drake of Shields was told by the Drake of Blades to ensure that the Sublime Brazier's existence was known only by the Dragonguard and forgotten by the history.[2][4]



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