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Kagesh Tribe[edit]

The Kagesh Tribe is an Ashlander tribe that lives in the Stonefalls region of mainland Morrowind. They are traditionally hated and feared by the settled Dunmer of the region. In 2E 582, the Kagesh ashkhan led an attack on the Iliath Temple as a means of ending the tribe's persecution. The move was against the wishes of the wise woman Hedranna Kaliki, who attempted to strike a peace with the Temple by offering herbs and healing potions. The tribe's gift was used to heal injured soldiers of the Ebonheart Pact, who were then employed to defend the temple. Additionally, the spirits of dead Ordinators were also summoned to hold the walls. Faced with this, the ashkhan and his supporters attempted to tunnel into the temple, but the poor supports were toppled by the defenders and the invaders were killed in the collapse. The remaining Kagesh were forced to flee.

Keel Cutters[edit]

The Keel Cutters were a pirate slaver group primarily led by the Maormer. Aside from the Maormer, their ranks also included members from various other races, such as Nords, Orcs, and Redguards. They were active in Hew's Bane during the Three Banners War.

Keepers of the Dead[edit]

The Keepers of the Dead (or the Dead Keepers) are a hierarchy of priests and attendants in Morrowind who serve as the caretakers of the large Necropolis expanse in Necrom, the City of the Dead. They are responsible for handling the deceased Dunmer who are brought and prepared for burial with the appropriate rituals within the Catacombs of Necrom. Wooden ramps on the city's staircases serve to transport the bodies. As a sign of great honor and sacrifice, often part of the family member's will, ancestors may grant that part of their remains be retained to serve as part of a ghost fence protecting the clan's shrine and family precincts. The stewards handle the arrangement, where the ancestor's body part (and sometimes their entire skeleton/preserved corpse) is incorporated with solemn magic and ceremony into a clan ghost fence. Heavy cold-iron shackles and ice staves used by the keeper guards to keep recalcitrant undead and unruly ancestor spirits in line. The keepers store the Indigo Tomes in the vaults of the city, and are in charge of other monasteries in the area.

The priests are part of the Temple, but their ancient traditions predate the formation of the Tribunal. With the collapse of the Tribunal and merger of House Indoril and the newly formed New Temple, the keepers are under administration of Indoril.

Keepers of the Grove[edit]

The Keepers of the Grove are part of a holy order dedicated to Kyne, the Goddess of Storm. They are the tenders of the Shrine of Kynesgrove in the eponymous city. The Keepers take care of the grounds, offer daily sacraments, and maintain lodges for themselves and visiting pilgrims. They assist pilgrims in their prayers, and are renowned for their dedication, guidance, and charity.

Keepers of the Razor[edit]

The Keepers of the Razor were a militia group formed in the wake of the Oblivion Crisis that was originally dedicated to the eradication of the Mythic Dawn. After discovering the legendary Mehrunes' Razor, the militia renamed themselves and assumed the task of safeguarding the Daedric artifact. The Razor was broken into three components that were entrusted to the three highest-ranking members of the group's inner circle: a Nord, a Reachfolk and an Orc. They pledged to pass the pieces down to their descendants "until the twin moons themselves disappeared from the skies". By 4E 201, the Razor's pieces had been handed down through eight generations, though it is unknown if the Keepers still existed as an organization at that time.

That year, the Last Dragonborn was contacted by Silus Vesuius, a Mythic Dawn enthusiast who had found the Razor's scabbard. He hired the Dragonborn to retrieve the three missing pieces from the Keepers' descendants, whom he had located after meticulous research into their family histories. The Dragonborn defeated the descendants, marking an end to the Keepers' legacy, and brought the pieces to a shrine to Mehrunes Dagon to have the Razor restored.


The Keerilth Clan are one of the four vampiric clans that inhabit the province of Valenwood. The Keerilth are known for their affinity of using and transforming into mist, even when underwater. However, they cannot travel far in their mist form. At one point, they were confronted and hunted by Movarth Piquine, a vampire hunter that tracked various clans across the provinces. Through his confrontation, he learned many things on the Keerilth, among this was their weaknesses. The Keerilth are not known for hunting the living as prey, rather indirectly through the Hoarvor, who feast on them constantly. In fact, the Keerilth keep to themselves, away from the populace. They are known to live in the region of Greenshade, specifically in the Shademist Moors.

Keerilth vampires appear to be cannibals as well, as indicated by human remains found in stews within their camp.

Khajiit Caravans[edit]

The Khajiit Caravans (also known as the Khajiit Traders) are a group of itinerant Khajiit merchants based in Skyrim during the Fourth Era. Ri'saad is the patriarch and founder of the group. All of the Khajiit caravaneers in Skyrim answered to and gave portions of their profits to Ri'saad.

The caravans were split into three main groups, each with different leaders and routes. There was also one other Khajiit caravan operating in Skyrim at the time, but they were massacred by bandits along the road. It's unknown if they were also a part of Ri'saad's caravans, or if they were unaffiliated merchants. All of the caravans had at least one main merchant and had guards to act as protection and enforcers. The caravaneers were not allowed within the walls of the cities in Skyrim, as they had a reputation for carrying illicit goods. At least some of the caravans were involved in the trade of illegal substances, such as skooma and Sleeping Tree sap. All of the caravans carried many rare curios and ingredients from the other provinces. The caravans were known to harbor travelers, though they were not sympathetic to the Thalmor.

In 4E 201, the caravans received help from the Last Dragonborn on several occasions. Ri'saad had told them that the caravans had been beset by two strange new groups of bandits wearing golden and dark armor. Which led to the Dragonborn uncovering the plot of the mad mage Thoron. After the bandits were dealt with, the caravans were able to come into possession of the same weapons and armor the bandits used. Additionally, Ri'saad and the Dragonborn secured an alliance between the Khajiit Caravans and the Thieves Guild.

One of the caravans, led by Ma'dran, was sold a set of rare Daedric armor by a member of the infamous Crimson Dirks, Erwan. The Last Dragonborn had heard this after killing the bandit and purchased the armor. They may have even traded a Khajiit artifact, the Ring of Masser (taken from Erwan) for it.


Khulari is one of the vampire bloodlines of the Iliac Bay area.

Knights Mentor[edit]

The Knights Mentor is the militant arm of the School of Julianos, with the purpose of protecting the temple's ever-growing library and share their knowledge with the rest of the temple. Only people with military prowess and undying loyalty to the God of Knowledge are allowed into the knightly order.

Knights of Iron[edit]

The Knights of Iron are the militant arm of the Resolution of Z'en. Even though Zenithar has been depicted as God of Commerce and Patron of Merchants, he is also seen as a warrior god, and so the Iron Knights represent this aspect of him. They are known to accept anyone in their cause, even those who lack the talents for a knightly order.[1]

Knights of the Circle[edit]

The Order of Arkay (also called the Temple of Arkay) is the temple dedicated to Arkay the Mortals' God of Birth and Death. They are generally the place of worship for him. The order reveres the neutrality of Arkay; it is absolute to them and, because of this, they will not offer strangers their blessings. To the order, to give favor or curse to another person will upset the eternal balance. Their expansive collection of libraries and repertoire of sages is considered some of the finest in all of Tamriel, however, the order is rather private and does not take applications lightly. The Knights of the Circle is their militant arm and the House of Dibella is their enemy. In the Iliac Bay, the order has many chapels, some of which include the Dragontail Mountains and Sentinel in Hammerfell, and the Ilessan Hills and Shalgora in High Rock.

Knights of the Dragon[edit]

The Knights of the Dragon (also called the Knights of Daggerfall) is the knightly order of the Kingdom of Daggerfall, in the province of High Rock. The Knights serve the purpose of protecting the royal family of Daggerfall, as well as their domain. The highest rank in the Knights of the Dragon is the Paladin. Like many other knightly orders in the Iliac Bay, there is a set of skills required to elevate one's rank in the faction. Among these include the Long Blade, the Dragonish language, Archery and Medical knowledge.

Knights of the Eight[edit]

The Knights of the Eight were an Imperial knightly order based in Cyrodiil in the Second Era. They trained to guard the Abbey of the Eight and the initiates there. In 2E 582 the knights were neutral in the ongoing Alliance War. The Knights of the Nine, first founded in 3E 111, were seemingly the spiritual successors of the order.

Knights of the Flame[edit]

"Protectors and warriors for the town and royal family of Anticlere. They are sworn to guard the Flytes, though they are curious why they are not permitted to stop highwaymen outside the Anticlere limits, but to keep their activities to the palace and town of Anticlere. Several of the better-looking, dimmer knights are personal guards of Lady Flyte, and enjoy great privileges. Everyone is pretty loyal and dedicated, as grateful as they are to the Flytes for rescuing the town formerly known as Reich Gradkeep."
- The Daggerfall Chronicles

The Knights of the Flame are a knightly order from Anticlere. During the mid-Second Era they were sworn to High King Emeric and his brother, Duke Nathaniel at Alcaire Castle. In the Third Era, their allegiance was to Lord Auberon and Lady Doryanna Flyte, who rescued them from the chaos following the War of Betony in 3E 403. Only those known for their loyalty to Anticlere and their blessed patrons are judged worthy to join the order. In return for their allegiance, the knights are treated as veritable gods in Anticlere where the guilds are mainly found. Their garrisons can be found in many cities and towns in Anticlere, such as Charborne Wood and Chestermarket.

Knights of the Hawk[edit]

The Knights of the Hawk or the Order of the Hawk act as the noble warriors and protectors of the town and royal family of Santaki. Many have trained since childhood to join the knightly order, for the honor and prestige.

Knights of the Moon[edit]

The Knights of the Moon were replaced by the Order of the Candle as the protectors of the royal family of the Sentinel. They were officially led by Vhosek, but he was typically focused on court affairs more than on the order. Unofficially they were following charismatic sergeant Ulfahn. They were a relatively informal organization.

Knights of the Nine[edit]

The Order of the Knights of the Nine was a knightly order founded in 3E 111 with the ambitious intent of recovering the lost Relics of the Divine Crusader, Pelinal Whitestrake, who was killed while fighting the forces of the Ayleid king, Umaril the Unfeathered. The order was founded by Sir Amiel Lannus, a hero of the War of the Isle. He named his order the Knights of the Nine after the Nine Divines, and set up base at the Priory of the Nine in the West Weald. The original members of the order were Sir Amiel and his friends, Sir Caius and Sir Torolf.

Knights of the Owl[edit]

The Knights of the Owl are a Breton Knightly Order responsible for protecting and fighting for the royal family of Glenpoint. Only those of the most refined fighting skills and dedicated to the welfare of Glenpoint are considered for inclusion in the knightly order. The knights are the royal escorts of the Baron and treated with unparalleled respect in all of Glenpoint.

Knights of the Rose[edit]

The Knights of the Rose also known as the Knights of the White Rose have the honor of being the guard and strong arm of his majesty, King Eadwyre of Wayrest. The greatest knights in his court are members of the order and they have demonstrated their worth in internal and inter-provincial struggles throughout the Iliac Bay and Tamriel. In 3E 405 they were led by Lord Darkworth, a nobleman in Wayrest.

In 3E 405 the knights were quite divided, with some supporting any action of King Eadwyre, others furious about the possible prospect of a Dark Elf heir and many upset at the founding of Orsinium due to the displacement of the peasantry around the Wrothgarian Mountains.

Knights of the Silver Rose[edit]

Avid crusaders against Daedra, they amassed a vast collection of Daedric relics in an attempt to keep them safely locked away from those who would seek to use their powers for ill.[2]

Knights of the Thorn[edit]

The Knights of the Thorn are a chivalrous order dedicated to the protection of Cheydinhal, in Cyrodiil. They own a lodge just outside the city gates. The order's crest is a sword enveloped in thorns; thorns are also symbolically related to the Indarys family. Every member of the order wears a special medallion, and are typically outfitted with steel shields emblazoned with their coat-of-arms.

Knights of the True Horn[edit]

The Knights of the True Horn (also known as the Host of the True Horn) was a knightly order founded by Lord Kain of Lainlyn and Lord Harth of the Dragontail Mountains. The knights are followers of Lord Kain, who sought to end the tyranny of his older brother, Baron Shrike and claim the throne for his own.

Knights of the Wheel[edit]

The Knights of the Wheel were the Knightly Order based in Hammerfell. They were active during the Third Era and were known to protect and represent the royal family and the city of Abibon-Gora in all military situations.

Knights of the White Stallion[edit]

The Knights of the White Stallion is a chivalric knightly order chartered by Count Marius Caro of Leyawiin. The order aims to put an end to banditry in the Lower Niben. The knights are based in and around County Leyawiin, and own a lodge along the Green Road. The symbol of the order is the city crest, the white horse of County Leyawiin.

Kragen Clan[edit]

The Kragen Clan was a group of Dwemer that was active during the First Era, throughout the Reach of Skyrim and even the Dragon's Teeth Mountains of Hammerfell. This clan of Dwemer are well-known for being the pioneers of Aetherium extraction, as well as, the leader of an alliance of four cities that mined and researched the luminescent material. In the years following this, they founded the city-state of Arkngthamz-Phng, where they established a mining colony of mithril and gold.

Kynaran Order[edit]

The Kynaran Order is the militant arm of the Temple of Kynareth. They fight all over the provinces in the name of their patron, and they are honored by the temple for their skills and loyalty to them. Candidates for the order are chosen by their combat prowess and their reputation in the Temple.