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The Skeffington Coven in 3E 405.

The Skeffington Coven is a notable group of witches that live in the Barony of Phrygias, within the province of High Rock. The Skeffington Coven has been active as far as the late First Era, all the way into 3E 417. The Skeffington operates at Old Barbyn's Farm, deep in the wilderness of Phrygias, somewhere near the Wrothgarian Mountains.


In 1E 2920, the Skeffington Coven had taken in a woman named Turala, who was once the lover of the Duke of Mournhold, Brindisi Dorom.[1] However, after a trip to Wayrest, the Skeffington Coven was killed in a massacre caused by an Orcish raiding party, supposedly sent by Brindisi Dorom himself. Enraged, Turala had called forth Mehrunes Dagon to burn Mournhold into the ground, and so he did.[2] Whatever happened to the remaining witches is unknown, but by 3E 405, the Skeffington Coven was active, working out of Old Barbyn's Farm.[3] In 3E 417, an Agent of the Blades, known as the "Graylady" was undercover in the Skeffington Coven when the Warp in the West, on their way to the city of Camlorn, the group was interrupted by a three-way clash between Daggerfall, Wayrest, and Orsinium, which left an inferno as far as Ilessan Hills and Gavaudon.[4]


  • There is an area known as the Skeffington Wood somewhere around the Iliac Bay. Whether it is actually related to the Skeffington Coven is unknown. Those that live in the Skeffington Wood celebrated Marukh's Day, on the 9th of Second Seed. The people compare themselves to the prophet, Marukh, and so they pray for the strength to resist temptation. It is also the summoning day of Namira.[5]

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