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Duke-Prince Brindisi Dorom
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Died 1E 2920
Resided in Mournhold

Duke-Prince Indoril Brindisi Dorom was ruler of Mournhold and was killed during the destruction of the city by Mehrunes Dagon on 12 Sun's Dusk, 1E 2920.[1]

In an attempt to end the Four-Score War, Dorom paid the Morag Tong to assassinate Emperor Reman III, but the Tribunal preferred to instead end the war with battle and diplomacy, so Sotha Sil intercepted the ship containing the payment before it reached its destination.[2]

Mehrunes Dagon's attack on Mournhold was an act of revenge by his former mistress, Turala. The Duke banished her upon discovering that she was pregnant with his child,[3] and she wandered across Tamriel until ending up in Phrygias, High Rock where she joined the Skeffington Coven of witches. When the coven was destroyed, she was tricked into believing that the Duke was responsible and invoked Dagon to take revenge.[4]

The Duke is commemorated by the plaza that bears his name in the rebuilt city of Mournhold.


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