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Ilessan Hills
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Appears in Arena, Daggerfall
Ilessan Hills ca. 3E 405

The Ilessan Hills is a political entity found in the province of High Rock, in the region of the Iliac Bay. It is a landlocked region that is known for its ancient forests[1] and pine country.[2] It mostly consists of a vast mountain range that spills into neighboring countries and wetlands in the northeast section of the barony.[3] The region is the home of the local Glenmoril Wyrd, an ancient coven of witches that venerate the natural world and worship the less-feral aspects of Hircine, the Lord of the Hunt.[4]


Rumors of the Glenmoril Wyrd living in the region's wilderness have existed since before written records,[1] which would date their existence and the region's discovery before the Harald's reign over Skyrim (1E 113 and 1E 221), who ascended to the throne at the beginning of recorded history.[5] Their coven is located in the Gloomy Cave, an isolated cavern[1] in the east-central part of the region, near a place called Old Chrystausa's Place.[6] The Ilessan Wyrd have a history of conflict with the Reachfolk, which extends for thousands of years.[4] Sometime in the Second Era, the adventurous Princess Ayrenn traveled all over the world and eventually made her way to the Ilessan Hills, where she reportedly danced with nereids.[7]

By 3E 405, the Barony of Ilessan Hills was ruled by an unknown Baron and its patron deity is Arkay, who was represented by the Order of Arkay.[8] It was neighbored by many other nations, such as Daenia to the east, Daggerfall to the south, Glenpoint to the west, Northmoor to the northwest, Shalgora to the southeast, and Ykalon to the northeast.[3] When the Warp in the West occurred in 3E 417, the forest between the Ilessan Hills and nearby Daenia were engulfed in chaotic flames. Soon it spread north into Ykalon, Phrygias and eventually the foothills of the Wrothgarian Mountains. The nations of the Western Iliac Bay (including the Ilessan Hills) were absorbed into the Kingdom of Daggerfall, at the time ruled by King Gothryd and Queen Aubk-i.[9]

City of Ilessan Hills[edit]

Ilessen Hills (Arena)

The Ilessan Hills (also called Ilessen Hills)[10] is the walled capital of the eponymous barony, in the midst of the mountain range near the border toward Glenpoint.[11]

During the late-Third Era, the town of Ilessen Hills was an active settlement. It was ruled by Baron Andywyr and it had a rivalry with Kings Guard. Ilessen Hills is neighbored by several settlements, including Ebon Wastes to the north and Glenpoint to the south.[12]

Notable Locales[edit]

  • Cemetery[8]
  • Ilessan Hills Palace[8]



  • The Haarvenu vampire clan is active in the region.
  • There is a ruined tower called the Ilessan Tower located outside of Daggerfall that may have been used in the city's defense. It is unknown how it is connected to the region, if it is at all.[13]

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