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Loranna Pyrel

Loranna's RP was a forum based roleplay campaign series propagated by forum user Loranna Pyrel that unofficially began with The Trial of Vivec and semi-officially ended with From the Ashes campaign. Lasting from 2004 to late 2006.

Its significance to unofficial lore lies in the forum posts of developer Ted Peterson, who used the roleplay as a doodle ground to play with worldbuilding and character ideas, some of which made it into official lore via A Pocket Guide to the Empire: Third Edition and other books presented in Oblivion. As a source, Loranna's RP can inform these official materials with greater context.

According to Ted, he would get insider information on what Bethesda was doing for the next game and its worldbuilding, such as King Helseth of Morrowind outlawing slavery or Arch-Mage Hannibal Traven of the Mages Guild existing, and incorporate it into the campaigns.




The following is a descending list of campaigns and the developers who participated in them...

Campaign 1: The Trial of Vivec[edit]

Campaign 2: Hearthfire Ball[edit]

Campaign 3: Noble Seamstress' Spotted Owl[edit]

Campaign 4: Twisted Tower[edit]

Campaign 5: Trail of Frozen Tears[edit]

Campaign 6: Come to Your Senses[edit]

Campaign 7: The Evening Star Parade[edit]

Campaign 8: The Blue Dawn[edit]

Campaign 9: High Rock Highjinks[edit]

High Rock

Campaign 10: Morrowind Moonlight[edit]

Campaign 11: Hearthfire Hearthfires[edit]

Campaign 12: Playing Houses[edit]

Campaign 13: War of the Wormgod[edit]


Campaign 14: From the Ashes[edit]

Campaign 15: Evocatio Sancrea Aad Concilium Chorrollinium[edit]

Campaign 16: Protocollum Ecs Concillium Chorrolinium[edit]