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Movarth Piquine
SR-npc-Movarth Piquine 02.jpg
Movarth Piquine as seen in Skyrim
Race Nord Gender Male
Born 2nd Era
Died 4E 201
Resided in Cyrodiil
Appears in Skyrim

Movarth Piquine was a Nord vampire who likely lived from sometime in the Second Era[1] to 4E 201.[2]

In life, Movarth was ironically a skilled vampire hunter. He began his career as a trainer in the Fighters Guild, which taught him skill in battle and the value of asking questions. Tissina Gray directed him to a priest in Cyrodiil to learn about vampires. Using the priest's knowledge, Movarth hunted many different types of vampires across Tamriel, including the Volkihar of Skyrim and the many tribes of northern Valenwood. Movarth failed to find any members of the Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order due to their ability to blend into society. When he returned to his mentor, the priest revealed that he was actually a Cyrodilic vampire himself.[1] Taken by surprise, Movarth fell to the priest, who fed on him and turned him into a vampire. The priest later anonymously published the story in the book Immortal Blood.

Movarth went on to become a master vampire and create his own coven. Although he was believed to have been destroyed a century earlier,[3] Movarth resurfaced in 4E 201 and planned to take over the town of Morthal in Skyrim. He turned a Nord woman named Alva into a vampire, and commanded her to seduce the guardsmen of Morthal and infect them as well in preparation for a takeover. Movarth could then use the town for protection, and the townsfolk as cattle.[4] His plans were undone when suspicions were raised and the Jarl ordered a stranger to look into the strange events in town. Movarth and his coven were slain when a mob of villagers stormed his underground lair northeast of town.[2]

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