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The Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order, simply called "Our Order" by its members,[1] is a powerful Cyrodilic tribe of vampires. Much like the Imperials, the order has ousted all competing clans from the Imperial Province and become the single dominant bloodline within its borders.[2] Members of the order are experts of concealment and political manipulation, so much so that the clan's true name is unknown, having been lost to history.[2] What they lack in numbers, the vampires make up for in influence and the manipulation of society.[1] The clan consider themselves to be a civil fraternity and see all other vampiric tribes as inferior, although they remain wary of the more enlightened clans such as the Glenmoril Wyrd or the Whet-Fang sodality.[1] The order has a strict conduct to ensure discretion among its members. The order honors its Dual Patrons: Molag Bal the Kin-father, who all vampires owe their existence to; and Clavicus Vile, who they owe for their successes and social stature, and who helps them control their blood craving.[1]

The clan is made up of members who are influential in society and have procurement in politics. It is implied they are an ancient clan whose creation preceded their control of Cyrodiil from the rival bloodlines. As in the case of Janus Hassildor, they do not tolerate scattered nomadic vampires who are either alone or have nests and factions of their own as they could challenge their authority if crossing into the province.[3]

To you whom We have seen
Stalking at night by eyes keen
Transcendant of savages
Sating thirst sans avarice
Your coffers stay stuffed
By social graces robust
None know your nature;
save Us
None share your fate;
save Us
None welcome you as kin;
save Us.


  • Although the order doesn't appear in any games per se, it is mentioned in the Vile Lair official plug-in for TES IV: Oblivion, and it can be assumed that most vampires encountered in the game are of the bloodline.


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