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Queen Morgiah
DF-npc-Morgiah (face).png
Queen Morgiah
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Born 3E 384
Resided in Mournhold
Appears in Daggerfall
Morgiah as a Princess of Wayrest

Queen Morgiah (born in 3E 384) was the daughter of Queen Barenziah and General Symmachus of Mournhold, and the younger sister of Prince (and future King) Hlaalu Helseth.

Morgiah was named after Symmachus' mother, and was known to be well loved by her father. Sadly, the princess was born in troubled times; the kingdom was plagued with civil unrest as a result of the Imperial Simulacrum. In 3E 391, at the age of eight, Morgiah accompanied her mother and brother on a journey to the Imperial City. Barenziah was there to plead with the emperor for aid, and hoped the presence of the children would soften his heart. However the (false) emperor remained unmoved, and that evening word came that Symmachus was killed in a revolt. The surviving royals were forced into exile, That same evening, Barenziah met King Eadwyre, and within a few years the pair were wed. Morgiah again became a princess, now of the Kingdom of Wayrest.[1][2]

In the years prior to the Warp in the West, Princess Morgiah had garnered a reputation as a "manipulative witch" among the people of the kingdom. She saw little future in Wayrest, as Helseth and Eadwyre's daughter Elysana fought for succession. As a result, Morgiah sought to arrange a marriage with King Reman Karoodil, ruler of the Kingdom of Firsthold on Auridon. To secure the king's hand, she endeavored to give him that which he desired most—to speak again with a son who had died. To this end, Morgiah made contact with the notorious necromancer Mannimarco, the King of Worms, in the Dragontail Mountains of Hammerfell. With the help of an Agent of the Blades, the deal was struck. Mannimarco held up his end of the bargain, and in return Morgiah promised to give him her "first", though exactly what this meant remains a mystery. Morgiah and Reman were wed after a three year engagement.[3]

As a Dunmer, Queen Morgiah was not particularly well-liked by the culturally xenophobic Altmer of Firsthold either, and is known to have quelled a revolt of Trebbite Monks during the early years of her rule.[4] The couple had two children by the end of the Third Era, Goranthir and Rinnala, who were both Dunmer in appearance despite being half-Altmer. Regardless of appearances, however, the children were considered rightful heirs to the throne. In 4E 22, the Thalmor successfully overthrew the monarchy in the Summerset Isles seizing control of the region, leaving Morgiah and her family to an unknown fate.[5][6]

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