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Noonan sometime between Morrowind and Oblivion's release

Gary "GT" Noonan is mainly an animator at Bethesda. He's been at Bethesda since Battlespire, and has been one of the more active developers in the fan base. He has been known to occasionally visit both the Official Forums and the Unofficial Official Elder Scrolls Chat room (#Elderscrolls) on the IRC server, Chatspike. He currently goes by the screen name VXSS, though he was Wormgod in the past. After the release of Fallout 3, it is unknown what project Noonan is working on. In his life outside of game development, Noonan enjoys cars.

For Morrowind, Noonan was a level designer, but for Bloodmoon and Oblivion, he was an animator. He is responsible for a pair of Easter Eggs in Morrowind, including a few tributes to his father Gary Noonan Sr in the form of Pop Je and writings in the Dwemer alphabet. He also released an unofficial mod for Morrowind, Morrowind Advanced, which draws heavy inspiration from Battlespire.

Elder Scroll Game Credits[edit]

Skyrim - Animation
Oblivion - Character & Creature Art
Bloodmoon - Character & Creature Art
Tribunal - World Art & Building
Morrowind - World Art & Building and "Special Thanks"
Redguard - "Special Thanks"
Battlespire - Graphics/Artwork and Level Design


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