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Morrowind Advanced
Original Release April 25, 2004
Size 12,6 MB
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Morrowind Advanced is a developer mod originally created by Gary Noonan. Further updates were released by Stromgarde and Pookhill, however their contributions only included bug fixes. The mod requires Morrowind and Tribunal. The latest release is version 1.82, released 25 April 2004.

Morrowind Advanced is aimed at players looking for a greater challenge. It adds new loot and enemy types, as well as a few dungeons.


Morrowind Advanced features a sequel/remake dungeon crawl aping Battlespire, with most of that game's Oblivion Realms being featured again using mostly vanilla Morrowind assets and containing an eerily similar plot to the original game.

A new Imperial Proving Ground called Viper Hall had been established circa 3E 427, however its fate was similar to that of the Battlespire, with the elderly breton battlemage Rirenc Guintendi betraying Viper Hall, allying himself to the invading forces of Mehrunes Dagon. High Dragon Knight Elbon Lonos of the Imperial Legion ordered for a counter attack, which failed, resulting in all soldiers being slaughtered. Clarentavious Valisious, the Emperor's chief artificer, was also killed. Another Imperial Dragonne was also slain by the Daedra within Golorath Hall.

Some time later, the Nerevarine came upon the corpse of an Imperial elite soldier near Vivec City, equipped this soldier's teleportation amulet, and found themselves shifted to Viper Hall. The Nerevarine ventured between beachhead realms, cleared away the Daedra, and slew a hostile Guintendi in Dagon's Hunting Lodge, thereby avenging the Imperial loyalists.

World Information

  • Creatures — A list of the new creatures to kill
  • Items — A list of all the new items added by the mod
    • Books — A list of new texts added by the mod
  • People — A list of all people added by the mod
  • Places — A guide to new places added by Morrowind Advanced

Miscellaneous Information

  • Readme — The readme for Morrowind Advanced