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Clarentavious Valisious
BS-Clarentavious Valisious.png
Clarentavious Valisious as seen in Battlespire
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Resided in The Battlespire
Appears in Battlespire

Clarentavious Valisious was the Emperor's chief artificer[1] in 3E 398 and was one of the few surviving battlemages from Mehrunes Dagon's attack on the Battlespire.

He survived the attack by tricking the daedric forces into thinking he was bound to one of them, and intended to unlock all the anchors holding the Battlespire into place so that it would drift from the mana streams endlessly.[2] However, after the Apprentice slew the Dremora Lord Methats, Valisious agreed to help the apprentice by giving them the shield Typos Sophia, which prevented daedra from binding mortals to them, after this he was told to wait and report to the legions that would eventually come after the crisis.[1]

Valisious was the creator of the Great Star Galley, which conveyed battlemages to the Battlespire's separate colleges.[3]

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