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SR-npc-Valkyn Methats.jpg
Valkyn Methats (Skyrim Creation Club)
Race Dremora Gender Male
Appears in Battlespire, ESO, Skyrim (Creation Club)

Methats, also known as Lord Methats, Valkyn Methats (after his promotion), or simply Dremora Methats, is a feared being in Oblivion. Together with his comrades Sumeer Jabran and Wonshala Keriayn, he has filled high-ranking positions in service to the Daedric Princes.[1][2]


Circa 2E 582, Methats was part of the trio known as the Dremora Travelers, who were considered the most fearless of their kind in Molag Bal's service.[1] He served Molag Bal as a necromancer and a general of his invasion force during the Planemeld.[3] The Dremora Travelers were sent to Nirn to protect a Dark Anchor, but they were slain by the Fighters Guild and the Anchor was destroyed.[1] A Bretonic staff which they looted during their conquests was recovered after their defeat, though it later found its way to an Ice Atronach named Nomeg Rine who terrorized the Rift.[4]

By 3E 398, Methats and his comrades had changed their allegiance to Mehrunes Dagon, and joined in his assault on the Battlespire. During this time, Sumeer Jabran outranked Methats. He was assigned as the overseer of the Daedra that guarded the deactivated Weir Gate.[5] A surviving battlemage, Clarentavious Valisious, tricked the Daedric forces into thinking he was bound to one of the Daedra, and intended to unlock all the anchors holding the Battlespire in place so that it would drift from the mana streams and be destroyed.[6] However, after the Apprentice slew Lord Methats, Valisious agreed to help by giving the Apprentice the Staff of Typos Sophia.[7]

Circa 4E 201, Methats had risen to the station of Valkynaz, the highest rank in the Dremora hierarchy under Mehrunes Dagon. At this time, he had in his arsenal the powerful Daedric sword Torment, which immolates those it strikes. Alongside Valkynaz Gatanas, he was to serve as the herald for Dagon's assault on Tamriel after the Last Dragonborn unwittingly shattered the liminal barrier separating Nirn from Oblivion. The Last Dragonborn entered the portal to the Deadlands within Red Scar Cavern and defeated Methats and Gatanas, though this served only to delay Dagon, who was still building an army.[8] Although the portal remained open, the Vigil of Stendarr arrived at Red Scar Cavern and helped purge the Mythic Dawn cultists. They then stationed themselves within the cavern to watch over the portal.[9]