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Ken Rolston

Ken Rolston was the lead designer for the Elder Scrolls games and expansions starting with Morrowind, but he left Bethesda after the completion of Oblivion for what was thought to be permanent retirement after about 25 years in the Gaming Industry. However, this only lasted for about a year before he returned to work for Big Huge Games in February of 2007 as the lead designer for Ascendant, which was unfortunately canceled due to THQ's (Big Huge Games's owner) financial difficulties. He has also designed a pair of pen-and-paper RPGs, Paranoia and RuneQuest. Rolston also served as the lead creative visionary for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, a single player RPG designed by 38 Studios, a Baltimore subsidiary of Big Huge Games.

Texts authored[edit]

This list is non-exhaustive and includes only texts which have been confirmed to be written, fully or partially, by Rolston.


  • Socucius Ergalla is an online moniker used by Rolston in the past. Not surprisingly, it is also the name of a certain character in TES III: Morrowind who bears a striking resemblance to Rolston himself.

Elder Scroll Game Credits[edit]

Oblivion – Lead Designer
Bloodmoon – Additional Writing and Quest Design, Lead Designer (Elder Scrolls)
Tribunal – Lead Designer, Additional Writing and Quest Design
Morrowind – Lead Designer, Writing & Quest Design, Original Concept
Redguard – Manual (Additional Writing)
Battlespire – Design and Dialogue

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