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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Appears in Daggerfall
Northmoor ca. 3E 405

Northmoor is a duchy on the western coast of High Rock in the Iliac Bay region. It is bordered by Ykalon to the east, the Ilessan Hills and Glenpoint to the south, and Glenumbra Moors to the southwest.[1] The provincial seat is the city of Northmoor. The Garlythi clan is the predominant vampire bloodline, and the regional deity is Mara.[2]

In the mid-Second Era, Serge of Northmoor's Adlam Mining Conglomerate married Genevieve of House Deleyn, sister of King Donel Deleyn of Daggerfall. This and Donel's marriage strengthened House Deleyn's status and helped establish a dynasty in the next several years.[3]

By roughly 3E 403, when the Marquis of Calder became the Duke of Northmoor, his daughter, became his successor as the Marchioness of Calder.[4] There was once a tiny but inhabited island off the coast of Northmoor, called Caecilly Island, which was cast into the void by Mehrunes Dagon to take revenge on Chimere Graegyn, a retainer of Clan Direnni who tricked him.[5]


  • The Bretons of Northmoor celebrate the Fire Festival on the 20th of Second Seed and it is one of the most attended celebrations in the province. It started with an over-the-top display of magic and military power in ancient times but has developed into quite a festival.[6]

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