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Padomay, also called Sithis,[1] the Darkness, Akel,[1] and Fadomai,[2] is the quintessential form of change. One of the two primal forces, the other being Anu, Padomay is the personification of the primordial force of chaos and change who dwells in the Void. One of many creation myths paint Padomay as Anu's brother, and the interplay between them created Nir, a personification of the Aurbis. Padomay was embittered by the love between Anu and Nir, and sought to destroy their love child, Creation. He killed Nir and sundered Creation, but Anu salvaged the remnants, then saved them from further harm by pulling his brother and himself outside of Time forever.[3]

Gods with a "Padomaic" basis include most Daedric princes, who, as the Blood of Padomay, represent the forces of change,[3] as does his "son" Lorkhan.[1] His blood and Anu's mingled to create the Aedra, giving them the capacity for both good and evil.[3] The Clockwork Apostles of Sotha Sil claim that Padomay and the padomaic Daedra are illusions who only have influence due to a flawed design of Nirn.[4]


  • The Skaal also only believe in a single deity, the All-Maker,[5] though they also recognize the Adversary, a malevolent and multifaceted tester who works to corrupt the All-Maker's dominion.[6] The perpetual struggle between the two bears some resemblance to the one between Anu and Padomay.
  • In the Khajiiti creation myth, Fadomai is the female littermate to Ahnurr, and it was she who suffered from Ahnurr's aggression. The two wed and gave birth to two litters, the Aedra and Daedra. Fadomai then gave birth to a new litter, notably the Mundus, in secret, as Ahnurr did not wish for any more children. When Ahnurr found out, he reacted violently, and Fadomai died after passing various gifts to her children.[2]
  • The phrases Padhome and Padomaic are often used to refer to Oblivion and Daedra, respectively. Two notable examples include Mankar Camoran referring to Oblivion Gates as the 'eyes of Padhome'[7] and Boethiah being referred to as the 'one of the strongest Padomaics'.[8]
  • Bretons believe in dual forces of Light and Dark. The Dark can be equated to Padomay or Sithis and the Light to Anu or Anuiel.[9]