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Akha is a Khajiiti deity mentioned in some Pre-ri'Datta traditions, who was also known as the First Cat, the Pathfinder, and the One Unmourned. Early in his existence, Akha explored the heavens and his trails became the "Many Paths", forming myriad kingdoms. As he was also the favored son of Ahnurr, he followed his father's advice to find love and mated across the corners of the world and made many wayward children, disappearing after he headed south and never returned. Alkosh appeared in his place and warned of the things Akha had made along the Many Paths, keeping a faithful watch over his children, "for they are both terrible and kind".[1]

Of his offspring, Alkhan is most well known, he is the immortal firstborn Son of Akha who hungers for his princely crown.[1]


  • Alkosh is also given the sobriquet "First Cat".[2]