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A depiction of Khenarthi

Khenarthi, God of Winds[1][2], the Gatherer of Waters,[3] and the Elder Spirit of the Heavens[4], is the Khajiiti goddess of weather and the sky,[5] the most powerful of the Sky spirits,[2] and is the Khajiiti interpretation of Kynareth.[6] When a Khajiit dies, it is Khenarthi who guides their soul either to Azurah for judgment,[4] or to Llesw'er, the Sands Behind the Stars.[7][8] And it is her clarion call that will summon the "eternal united spirit of all Khajiit" to defend creation at the end of time.[4]She is typically represented as a great hawk.[5]

Khenarthi's Roost is named after her as according to legend, Khenarthi rested upon a tree on the island during her first journey across the heavens. This tree would later become the Great Tree, found along the coast west of Mistral. Many of the island's Khajiit therefore worship Khenarthi.[9]



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