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The entity only known as the demon of fire and shadow is an obscure being from the ancient Khajiiti mythology predating the ri'Datta era. Akha's union with the demon resulted in the birth of Alkhan, the Firstborn and Scaled Prince of Akha. Following the counsel of his father Ahnurr to seek love, Akha later mated with the Dune Queen of the West, Mother Mammoth of the North, and the Winged Serpent of the East, giving rise to numerous Dragon wayward children.[1][nb 1]


  • One of the ancient Khajiiti texts, The Bladesongs of Boethra, links shadows and flames with Boethra, whom Akha (or Ahnurr) exiled to the Many Paths.[1][2]
  • 1.  The Wandering Spirits recounts the tale of Akha, who fathered offspring with the Winged Serpent, Mother Mammoth, and Dune Queen. Upon Akha's vanishing in the South, Alkosh "was granted rule over the myriad kingdoms of Akha along the Many Paths", and would watch over Akha's children. However, they rebelled against Alkosh, only for Khenarthi to restore him afterward. Together, they now oversee them.[1] The term "wayward children of Alkosh" was used by Clan Mother Tadali, a leader of a temple dedicated to Khenarthi, to describe dragons.[3] Moreover, the dragon Nahfahlaar referred to Alkosh as his father.[4]


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