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Saint Yosito
Race Khajiit Gender Unknown
Resided in Elsweyr
Former monk Nazdar, a follower of Saint Yosito's teachings

Saint Yosito was a revered philosophical figure among the Khajiit.[1]

Yosito attained sainthood at some point before 2E 582. Little is known of their life, but the sentence "The ascent of the body is nothing compared to that of the soul." was attributed to them. Their teachings were respected by the monks of the Whispering Claw.[1]

They were named alongside numerous other individuals, such as Nalitha the Avuncular, Hotaza the Corpulent, Balant the Canonical, Zubacha the Hermit, Pollu the Overstating, Blind Poet, Idino the Aphoric, Vekla the Ephemeral, Urua the Observant, The Great Sage of the Desert Wind, Ascetic Vula-do and many other figures, but the connection between them is incidental.[1]


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