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A depiction of Hircine, slayer of Graht-Elk

Graht-Elk is a figure found in Khajiit religion and folklore, known as the champion of Y'ffer. According to text from before the times of Rid-Thar-ri'Datta, Y'ffer succumbed to corruption by the Great Darkness following the demise of Lorkhaj. In a fit of chaos, Y'ffer struck down Nirni, whom he had once cherished, causing her demise. In retaliation, Azurah, Khenarthi, and Hircine joined forces to vanquish Y'ffer and fashioned a burial mound for Nirni using his remains. Hircine, who harbored affection for Nirni, was particularly aggrieved by her choice of Y'ffer, leading him to slay the Graht-Elk, an entity associated with Y'ffer. As a trophy of his victory, Hircine adorns himself with the head of the Graht-Elk.[1]

Hircine's depiction, whether in his chosen form or as portrayed across different cultures, consistently includes elk attributes, often featuring the head or skull of an elk.[2][3][4] Furthermore, he adopts titles like "Elk of Arrows" in Druidic Breton culture or "Old Elk-Eye" in Reachfolk culture.[5][6]

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