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A Twilight Cantor performing an exorcism

The Twilight Cantors are a Khajiiti order of wandering priests dedicated to Azurah. They live a life of wine and prayer―full of dozing and bathing and joyful music. They spend a great deal of the day sleeping when they are not on the road. The Twilight Cantors do not consider themselves "professional musicians", and do not charge for their work.[1][2] Sometimes, they'll sing at joyful events, such as weddings and namings.[2] The leader of the Twilight Cantors is known as the Chief Crier.[3]

Despite their peaceful and idyllic day-to-day activities, the Twilight Cantors serve a very important purpose in Khajiiti culture. Wherever the dro-m'Athra appear, the Twilight Cantors soon follow. They are called upon to perform exorcisms and expel Namiira's children from the Mundus through means such as prayer, chanting, and singing.[2] They are treated by the common folk with reverence and fear. It is commonly believed that a cantor's presence is a sign of imminent misfortune. Thus, when the Twilight Cantors come to visit, the locals are quick to give them offerings. [1] The Twilight Cantors have little need for worldly possessions, and when traveling, generally carry only the necessities and tools that assist them in their duties. An example of these tools are ankle chimes, whose music aids in the expulsion of dro-m'Athra.[1][4]


The Twilight Cantors were called to the Temple of Seven Riddles in 2E 582 by Elsweyr's Moon Bishops in the wake of a disaster. The temple's abbot desecrated the ancient seals keeping the dro-m'Athra from invading the temple, allowing the dark spirits to flood the premises.[3] Adara'hai of the Twilight Cantors managed to restore the seals and vanquish the dro-m'Athra with the help of the Undaunted.

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