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Location Maw of LorkhajThieves Guild
Black HeightsDragonhold
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Chiaroscuro CrossroadsDragonhold
Faction(s) Twilight Cantors

Adara'hai is a Khajiit of the Twilight Cantors found at the entrance of the Maw of Lorkhaj. She asks for your help defeating Kulan-dro‎, who has been affected by the Bent Dance.

She has a twin sister named Ka'ishka, who lives in Black Heights with Adara'hai's brother-in-law, Vijari.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Celestial Purge
This synergy appears during Lunar Phase, after Rakkhat makes a full rotation around the High Lunarium. Players in the middle of the room (preferably tanks and healers) will use the synergy while facing the adds that spawn on the pads. The dps must each pick a pad and defeat their own add, and don't get to use the synergy.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Into the Maw[edit]

Starting the Quest[edit]

When you approach, she says "Azurah help me …."

When you speak to her the first time, she will answer:

"Ra'ham! Bisi'ja hala va―Oh. I am sorry. Adara'hai thought you were someone else. You have caught us at a... delicate time. Forgive me."
What's going on here?
"There is a sickness here. Namiira's dark litter, the dro-m'Athra, have taken the temple. These are the only survivors. Most are half-mad. It's the Zha'ja Lorkhaj―the Bent Dance. The rhythm beats the mind like a kettle drum. Difficult to watch, yes?"
What can I do?
"You will lend a claw? Moons bless you, walker.
The only way to drive out the dro-m'Athra is to sanctify the seals scattered throughout the temple. It is a long walk, full of bent cats. But if you clear the way, I can sing the beasts back to Lorkhaj."
Fair enough. I'll escort you to the summit so we can drive out the dro-m'Athra.

You can ask her more questions once you've started the quest.

"We must move quickly, yes? The dro-m'Athra have a powerful ally in the temple's abbot, Kulan-dro. He is bent past breaking, but he knows this place better than any cat alive. There will be no stopping him if we do not act soon."
Who are you?
"Adara'hai, of the Twilight Cantors. And you?"
I am <Character Name>.
Default circumstance:
If the main quest has been completed:
"Adara'hai is thinking she should know you, but the name does not ring any chimes. Forgive me. We Twilight Cantors spend most days sleeping. We miss a great deal.
This one would sing you the welcome song if she could, but it is still too dangerous."
How could singing a song be dangerous?
"Ah yes. Adara'hai has heard of you. My sister sang you an aria when news of Molag Bal's failure came to our temple. It was a cool Pahmar night―perfect weather for a hero's song. This one would hum you a few bars, but it's still too dangerous."
How could humming a song be dangerous?
"It seems silly, yes?
We have to be very careful when dro-m'Athra are near. Namiira's eyes are fixed on us. She is looking for unlocked doors to our hearts―rattling the hinges, you see? Hold an honest note for too long and she'll snatch you up."
So you're a professional musician?
"Professional? No, my heart, it is nothing so cold. This is a vocation. To be a Cantor is to live a life of wine and prayer―full of dozing and bathing and joyful music.
Beauty is too great a thing to be caged by profession, no?"
So what brought you here?
"Mm. Duty brought Adara'hai here.
When dro-m'Athra pounce, we Cantors are called to sing them back to the void. The price of beauty is horror, you see? Var var var."
Tell me about Abbot Kulan-dro.
"He is... was a lesser Moon-Bishop. A sour cat with a heart made of flint and lemon-peel. This one is not surprised that he heard Namiira's music. Cats like that are perfect prey for the dro-m'Athra."
What are the dro-m'Athra exactly?
"Bent spirits. Moon-haters. The children of the Daedric shadow-lady Namiira that dance in the Dark Behind the World. We rarely speak of them. Raises the hackles, you know?
They are our dark reflection. Seductive, powerful, and very, very dangerous."
What can you tell me about this temple?
"It is called the Temple of Seven Riddles―home to the Doubting Monks. Or at least it was.
It is a holy place, but not a good place."
How so?
"The Clan Mothers say they built the temple too tall. Khajiit aren't meant to stand so close to the Ja-Kha'jay before the dead-climb. Pilgrims who come here can see the Bright Moons, yes. But some can see the Ghost Moon too. Lorkhaj."
And you think that's the cause of the corruption?
"It could be. The dro-m'Athra have emerged here before. Something about this place draws them out―if not Lorkhaj, then petty greed. Or lust. Who can say?
The seals were supposed to keep them at bay, but it seems that Kulan-dro dunged them up."

Conversations within the Maw[edit]

In the entrance tunnel:

Adara'hai: "This one sealed the door as soon as she arrived, but it will not hold forever."
Adara'hai: "The dro-m'Athra are pouring through the breach. I know some by name and some by reputation. Some Adara'hai even called friends. Var var var …."
Adara'hai: "Be cautious and keep watch for this Abbot, Kulan-dro. If he dances the Bent Dance, he will likely try to deceive us. Namiira's most dangerous servants are all honey and lies. Don't trust him."
Adara'hai is confronted by Kulan-dro

At the first chamber:

Adara'hai: "Ziss ra'ham! This one feels Namiira's eyes on us already. The Lost Cats are nearby. Be wary."
Kulan-dro: "Ah―the Twilight Cantor arrives at last. And you brought allies! What a welcome surprise."
Adara'hai: "Shut your ears, friends. His words are poison!"
Kulan-dro: ""Friends?" Oh, come now. Friendship is for dogs and children. You are warriors, yes? And warriors deal in a single currency: power."
Adara'hai: <Cantor sings first verse>
Kulan-dro: "And so, the yowling begins... I had hoped to avoid this farce, but I see now that it's inevitable. Sing, Cantor. Sing your throat dry. When you rasp out that last verse, I'll be waiting."
Adara'hai: "He is gone. Moons be praised. You will keep moving, yes? This one will follow as soon as she can."

In the Riddle'Thar Stone Garden:

Adara'hai: "There! The second seal. Wait ..."
Adara'hai: "This one is still alive! Ease your mind, brother. Adara'hai will—"
Mirarro: "Don't …. It's … trap. He's coming!"
Zhaj'hassa: "Nura-jhahul! Mine is the crown of ash and shadow. Kneel..."
Adara'hai: "Oh no …. Take cover!"
Zhaj'hassa: "Or die!"

When the portal in the Riddle'Thar Stone Garden is being cleansed:

Adara'hai: "Zhaj'hassa... He was once a great king of cats. Now...? What a waste."
Kulan-dro: "She's right you know. Zhaj'hassa was a ruler without peer―lord of a shining kingdom. It was Namiira who gave him this. Name your hearts' desire, warriors, and I will see that you have it!"
Adara'hai: <Cantor sings second verse.>
Adara'hai: "Silence, at last... Go on. This one just... just needs a moment."
Kulan-dro: "One of your companions will turn on you. I know because they told me so. Friendship is an illusion. A cruel joke. Let it go."

Before entering Suthay Sanctuary:

Adara'hai: "Ogres. This mountain is crawling with them. Filthy brutes. When our task is done, you must remember to clean your armor, yes?"
Adara'hai: "We're approaching the Sanctuary. Vashai and S'kinrai used it as a dojo before …. The twins have probably fallen into the Bent Dance. Be cautious."

After the twins are dead:

Adara'hai: "Moons forgive us. These twins were … never mind. Just a few more verses, yes? Just a few …."
Adara'hai: <Cantor sings third verse.>

When the portal outside the High Lunarium is being cleansed:

Adara'hai: "This is... this is the last one, yes? Yes. Just a bit farther..."
Kulan-dro: "Your songs are powerless, Cantor. Do you hear me? Like the chirping of crickets in a howling tempest! Listen to me, cat! Listen to me!"
Adara'hai: <Cantor sings fourth verse>
Kulan-dro: <growling and wincing in pain.>
Adara'hai: "These seals... they are not enough. We must go to the High Lunarium. It is just a bit farther. Lead on, walker..."
Adara'hai: "Kulan-dro is just beyond this door. I can feel it. The drums... the drums are rattling my teeth."
Adara'hai: "We must be quick, yes? Adara'hai will do what she can to protect you, but this dro-m'Athra is stronger than any I have faced before. Bright Moons protect you."
Adara'hai reverses the damage done by Rakkhat

Within the High Lunarium:

Kulan-dro: "If you value your pathetic mortal lives, you'll turn back now. You have been warned."
Adara'hai: "Jone's mercy... Kulan-dro, what's happened to you? Kulan-dro!"
Kulan-dro: "Have you not heard me? Have I not made your choice plain? You will listen, mortals... even if it means peeling the ears from your scalps and shouting Namiira's will into whatever's left of your broken skulls!"
Adara'hai: "We've drawn out the beast! Courage, friends!"
Rakkhat: "Ruin, pain, and shadow! Die, fools! Die!"
During the fight

When the assigned Runners are supposed to enter the Void:

Adara'hai: "Mind the shadows! They are stirring up the void!"
Adara'hai: "The Ghost Moon's shadows have gathered again!"
Adara'hai: "Claws out, friends! Rakkhat's servants have returned!"
Adara'hai: "Moons protect us—they are calling the void!"
Adara'hai: "Ziss ra'ham! Those shades are back!"

Halfway into the Runners' jaunt within the Void, she urges the Runners to hurry up.

Adara'hai: "Something is churning on the other side of the breach … we must hurry!"
Adara'hai: "The shadows are nearly through! You must hurry!"
Adara'hai: "Haste, friends! Lorkhaj is nearly upon us!"
Adara'hai: "The breach will not hold much longer—you must act now!"
Adara'hai: "Hurry, friends! The breach is near to breaking!"

To players in the Dark Behind the World after they've dispelled the shadows:

Adara'hai: ""
Adara'hai: "It is slain? Good. Now hurry—your allies need you!"
Adara'hai: "The void relents—for now. Hurry back, walker!"
Adara'hai: "This place poisons the soul. You must hurry—back to Nirni!"
Adara'hai: "Well done, walker! Now flee this place!"
Adara'hai: "Scatter, friends! Seek the moonlight!"

If Rakkhat makes a full rotation around the High Lunarium, Lunar Phase is engaged. Adara'hai will assist you when this happens.

Adara'hai: "Rise, Jone! Rise, Jode! Grant us sanctuary!"


Adara'hai: "The void is about to erupt! Now, friends! It must be now!"

When Rakkhat is brought into execute phase:

Rakkhat: "Enough! This ends now!"
Adara'hai: "I … my strength is spent. Bare your fangs and bring him down!"

After defeating Rakkhat, she will reseal the temple.

Rakkhat: "No! You will be consumed! You will …"
Adara'hai: "The beast is slain! Stand away, friends! This might get loud."
<Adara'hai sings final verse>
Adara'hai: "It's done ... Moons be praised."

She wishes to take a break from her work at the Maw:

"This one thinks she could use a drink of water …."
So the breach is sealed?
"Yes. And with that beast Rakkhat killed, it will stay that way. Well, Adara'hai can hope, yes?
Thank you, friend. Take this and my blessing. When Jone and Jode cry out for a hero's song, this one will sing your name."

Speaking to her after the quest:

"The Moon-Bishops will be anxious to hear that the Lost Cats have been pushed back, but Adara'hai thinks they will have to wait. This one needs some moon-sugar tea and a very, very long bath."
And after that?
"This one will sing at a wedding, perhaps. Or a naming? Something joyful and clean. There is a shrine north of Senchal—a very fine place with white sandy beaches and cool breezes off the Topal Sea. I will start there. And after that? Who can say?"
And what of this place?
"Adara'hai will leave that to the Mane and the Torval Curiata. This one fears that she's already stayed too long …."
You are going to be all right?
"You are kind to ask. Yes, this one will manage. There are no wounds that song and prayer cannot mend. Soon this one will swim in warm seas and sing the kha'jay sahaalas under the Tojay moons. All will be well.
Take care of yourself, walker."

If you've already completed the Weekly Trial, her dialogue will be slightly different.

"Yes. And with that beast Rakkhat killed, it will stay that way. Well, Adara'hai can hope, yes?
Thank you, friend. When Jone and Jode cry out for a hero's song, this one will sing your name."

Speaking to her after the quest (she repeats the dialogue spoken after the player says "And after that?":

"This one thinks she could use a drink of water …."

If you failed to pick up the quest at the beginning of the trial, you can give her an Ancient Lunar Talisman, which is dropped by Rakkhat at the end of the trial.

Appears only with Dragonhold

Chiaroscuro Crossroads[edit]

Adara'hai in Black Heights

Adara'hai can also be encountered within Black Heights in Southern Elsweyr. She will be seen questioning her sister, Ka'ishka about her husband.

Adara'hai: "Take a breath, Ka'ishka, before you faint. What do you mean he's gone to Khenarthi? Has he … passed? I came as quickly as I could."
Ka'ishka: "If it was Khenarthi who took him I would be relieved! There is something wrong at the Wall of Life. Unclean. I fear it will snatch him from her tender embrace!"

You can then speak with her, Adara'hai's initial conversation will depend on whether you previously helped her at the Maw in Reaper's March.

Completed Into the Maw:
"Apologies, walker, if we've concerned—wait … you were one of the saviors of the Temple of Seven Riddles, yes? Adara'hai is glad to see you still standing tall against the darkness."
That's right. What brings you out here? Another exorcism?
"Adara'hai came to support her sister through a trying ordeal. Ka'ishka's husband has been ill for a very long time. Adara'hai knew she needed help from her letter, but this one didn't think she meant an exorcism.
It seems she was mistaken."
Can you help him?
"If Vijari is not yet lost to the Great Darkness, then there is hope, but exorcising dro-m'Athra is risky, as you know. The Bent Cats will do all they can to silence Adara'hai's song or twist it to their tune.
She brought no sharp-claws on this trip."
I'll help you with your exorcism.
"Apologies, walker, if we've concerned you. Ka'ishka's husband has been ill for a very long time and this one fears it has frayed her nerves to breaking. Adara'hai knew she needed help from her letter, but this one didn't think she meant an exorcism."
You're an exorcist?
"Adara'hai is a Twilight Cantor. She sings the Dusk-Canticles so Khajiit are not swayed by the beat of Lorkhaj's heart, and to drive off the Bent Cats already lost.
If Ka'ishka's fears are well founded, her husband's soul is in grave peril."
Can you protect him?
"There is hope, but exorcising dro-m'Athra carries great risk. They will claw at this one to silence her song, or try to twist her tune until she too sways her tail to the Bent Dance. Cantors normally walk with a pride of sharp-claws to do this."
I'll help you with your exorcism.

Before you head to the wall of life, you can ask Adara'hai some more questions:

"We must head to the Wall of Life and find Vijari. A path leads up to it from the rear of the village.
If there are dro-m'Athra to be found Adara'hai will need you to defend her while she banishes them. She prays Vijari will not be among them."
Completed Into the Maw:
Otherwise Adara'hai will educate you about the dro-m'Athra:
Just like old times, right? / This'll be just like old times.
"Let us hope not, walker. Cleansing the Temple of Seven Riddles was a feat this one isn't certain she could repeat. Whatever we face, Adara'hai is sure she can overcome it with you at her side.
Once more into the darkness, my friend."
Is that all you need me to do? / Is protecting you all I can do during the exorcism?
"It will take all this one's focus to sing the canticles. If Adara'hai's notes do not carry true, Namiira's brood will drag us to the Dark Behind the World.
But protect this one and her song will shield your ears from Lorkhaj's twisted tune."
Who is Lorkhaj?
"Lorkhaj was the last of Fadomai's litter, born in the Great Darkness. It was he who tricked Nirni and her littermates into giving birth to the world. Though he was cast down, his heart still beats its seductive tune down in the Dark Behind the World."
What is the Dark Behind the World?
"It is where the Great Darkness, Namiira, and her dro-m'Athra dance the Bent Dance to the beat of Lorkhaj's heart. True cats who hear the beat risk being caught up in the dance and twisted into dro-m'Athra themselves."
What is the Wall of Life?
"A place sacred to this village. Ka'ishka could tell you more, but Adara'hai knows the Khajiit here visit it at the end of their lives. For Vijari to go there means his health is failing. Ka'ishka is right to be worried."
Will that make it easier for the dro-m'Athra to take him?
"A failing body can weigh down even the lightest soul. He had the courage to take the risk, we must hope his will is stronger than his bones."
What is your relationship to Ka'ishka and Vijari?
"Ka'ishka is this one's sister, and Vijari a brother-by-Mara. It has been years since Adara'hai has seen them. Not since they wed, she thinks. This one wishes she had visited sooner, but the duties of a Twilight Cantor take her far and wide."
Is Black Heights your home?
"A Twilight Cantor has no home, but Adara'hai and her sister were born in Topal. Ka'ishka has lived in Black Heights for years. She will know more about this place and its customs."

After you make your way to the Black Heights cavern and the Wall of Life, you will begin to hear a drumbeat and when you arrive at the Wall, it is obvious that the wall has been corrupted by the Dark Behind the World, and Vijari is soon to follow. Adara'hai will then arrive behind you.

Adara'hai: "Dark Moons …!"
Vijari: "Dak'radhi, Dak'radhi, dance with me!"
Adara'hai: "Vijari! He's caught in the dance! Stop him, we must get him away from here!"

Once you have spoken with Vijari you can see if Adara'hai knows what to do. The eerie aura that surrounds you in proximity to the Wall will also be effecting her. Despite the strength of the corruption, Adara'hai is determined to stop the bent dance.

"The Darkness is seeping through this—this grotesque mural. Adara'hai cannot hold it back. We must snap Vijari out of the Bent Dance and go! Quickly!"
He can't stop. He says Khenarthi is the key.
"We must break the tempo! It is too loud for this one's song! The bell! Ring the Khenarthic Bell!"

Speaking to her again before ringing the Khenarthic Bell:

"Strike the bell before we all succumb to the Heart of Lorkhaj!"

After striking the first Bell Adara'hai will encourage you to keep going:

Adara'hai: "That's it! Now the other!"

With the second Bell struck, the drumbeat will momentarily cease and Adara'hai will be able to get a handle on things:

Adara'hai: "Ugh—too close, walker. Vijari is not a Lost Cat yet, but Adara'hai must begin the exorcism. She'll take him home, meet her there. She will need you."

If you talk with her before leaving for Vijari's home:

"Adara'hai hasn't heard the Heart of Lorkhaj beat so forcefully in her head. Not since ….
Don't worry, she just needs a moment to clear her head. We'll see you at Vijari's."
Adara'hai performing her exorcism

Once you arrive at Vijari's house, you will find Adara'hai singing the Dusk-Canticles as she attempts to purify Vijari as he lies on the bed. However the Darkness' hold on Vijari is strong and she will need your assistance in finding the source of the corruption:

"We arrived not a moment too soon, walker! Vijari is losing his struggle with the Bent Dance. The Dark grips him like none other she has seen. Her songs hold them back, but she cannot exorcise their darkness with prayer alone. Adara'hai needs help."
What do you need me to do?
"That profane mural isn't the source of Namiira's corruption. It is the cracks the darkness seeps through. Something reaches out from it for Vijari and this one can't break its hold without knowing more about its nature."
So you want me study it?
"Take the cantor's tonic on the table, by my bag. It will open your mind and allow you to see into the Twilight between the darkness and the light. You'll see what clings to Vijari and follow its residuum to other things it has touched in the Mundus."
How will that help?
"What you see will be much like a paw print on glass. A stain left on the things it has touched. Find them and the tonic will allow you to see the impressions it left behind.
That knowledge may put a name to this evil and be the key to banishing it."
I'll learn all I can.

If you speak with her before drinking the tonic, you can ask how it works:

"Adara'hai must remain with Vijari. Without her holy incantations the darkness will overtake him. She'll hold out as long as she can, but her singing can't go on forever. Learn everything you can about Vijari's connection to that horrid mural."
How does this cantor's tonic work?
"Simply drink it, like any other potion. If your vision blurs, it is working. You may think you are drunk, but it is because your eyes now focus on another world.
It will not harm you. Though when it wears off you may wish you were drunk."

Speaking with her after drinking the tonic:

I drank your cantor's tonic. What am I looking for again?
"Focus on Vijari. You should see the dro-m'Athra's darkness clinging to his soul. It clings to other things as well. Things closely connected to it. Find them and the tonic will allow you to see the impressions it left on our world."

Once you return to the house after investigating the residual darkness and learning the story behind the corruption, you will find Adara'hai comforting Ka'ishka:

Adara'hai: "Ka'ishka ... Adara'hai must speak with our friend."
Ka'ishka: "Thank you! Thank you for bringing him back."

She has managed to bring Vijari back, but she cannot hold it back forever with the force still active. You can then explain what you saw from the visions:

"This one hopes you bear good news, walker. Adara'hai has managed to wrestle Vijari back from the brink, but the force that tugs at him through the mural will not let go. She does not know how much longer she can hold it back."
Dak'radhi's the one doing this. I saw his memories.
"His father? This one had hoped it was only Vijari's condition playing tricks on him. It makes Adara'hai want to spit fur. First, Dak'radhi abandons his sick cub. Now he returns to drag Vijari to the Darkness with him. He is truly a Bent Cat."
Namiira took advantage of his grief and hopelessness. He believes he's saving Vijari.
"There is nothing more dangerous than a Bent Cat who doesn't know he is twisted. If Dak'radhi's sole desire is his son, that is a connection too strong for me to break.
Our only hope is to seal the crack in the Wall of Life. What else did you learn?"
Namiira had him mixing something at the Colorwork up the hill.
"Paint for her vile mural, no doubt. Adara'hai is beginning to see how the Wall of Life became so defiled.
There is hope, walker. How a curse is made is also how it may be undone. Did you see what he used for his offering to the Great Darkness?"
The blood of a flightless bird, petals as blue as the sky, and the skin of Khenarthi's fallen children.
"What you describe are more reagents for a ritual than pigments for paint. Adara'hai needs you to decipher what Dak'radhi used for his mixture and gather those same ingredients.
Bring them to the Colorworks and she will make offerings of her own."

As she is a stranger to the area, Adara'hai will not be able to help you decipher the cryptic reagents but suggests you speak with Ka'ishka and Vijari for suggestions:

Decipher them how?
"She is sorry that she is not more help in that regard. This is no ritual she has heard of before. Adara'hai is certain the ingredients have symbolic value, but beyond that she can only guess their meaning."
I'd still like your opinion.
"Ka'ishka said Dak'radhi never ventured far from Vijari after his wife died, so all this one can be sure of is that the ingredients must be things that he could have gathered nearby."

Once you have collected the reagents, you can meet the trio in the Colorworks. Ka'ishka will be supporting Vijari while Adara'hai consults a book:

"Did you find Dak'radhi's ingredients, walker? We are preciously short on time. Vijari's health is failing him."
Yes, I've collected them all. What is Vijari doing here?
"If she could leave him to his rest, she would. Just as Dak'radhi poured all his hate and anguish into his work to defile the Wall of Life, so must Vijari paint with love and peace to restore it. All we can do is help him on his journey."
How can we do that?
"This one will sing her prayers to Azurah to lend him her power, so his every brush stroke shines a ray of light through the Great Darkness. My sister is the light of his life that will guide his path.
You, walker, must be his sword."
I'll do all I can.
"Azurah be your shield. Make your way to the Wall of Life and clear a safe path. Khajiit will follow once Vijari's paint is rightly consecrated.
Strike the Khenarthic bell to signal it is safe."
I'll see you there.
The ritual of renewal

After speaking to Adara'hai, Ka'ishka and Vijari will begin mixing the paint while speaking the ritual words counteracting Dak'radhi's. Adara'hai will be nearby, supporting them with her canticles:

Ka'ishka: "Vijari, it is time, love."
Vijari: "Vijari is ready."
Adara'hai: "Now, just as I instructed."
Vijari: "The blood of a flightless bird."
Ka'ishka: "Whose feathers still sail on the wind."
Vijari: "Petals, blue as the sky."
Ka'ishka: "May they lighten your burdens on the journey ahead."
Vijari: "The skin of her fallen children."
Ka'ishka: "Whose souls are gently carried in Khenarthi's arms."

If you speak with her before heading to the Wall, she will urge you to clear the way there:

"We won't be far behind you, walker. Please hurry to the Wall of Life and cleanse the path. Adara'hai does not wish to bring Vijari there until Khenarthi's bells have drowned out the Heart of Lorkhaj"

Once you have rung a Khenarthic Bell at the Wall of Life, the group will arrive:

Adara'hai: "We're coming, walker! Good work."
Ka'ishka: "That's the Wall?"
Vijari: "Only it's [sic] shadow. We will brighten it again."

You can then speak with Adara'hai, while Vijari fixes the wall you and Adara'hai will need to deal with Dak'radhi who is lurking beyond the Passage of Dad'na Ghaten:

"We've arrived, walker. This is where the battle for Vijari's soul will be fought. Do not doubt for a moment that Dak'radhi will not give him up without a fight."
I'm ready.
"That, Adara'hai did not doubt. You've silenced the drums for now, but it will not last. We must buy time for Vijari to work.
While he restores the Wall of Life, we will follow the Passage of Dad'na Ghaten and exorcise Dak'radhi from this place."
Passage of Dad'na Ghaten?
"The Wall of Life was just the beginning of the journey to the Sands Behind the Stars. Beyond it is a path up through the mountain, where the dying would rise into Khenarthi's arms.
Adara'hai fears that it delivers the dying into the Darkness now."
What do we do when we find him?
"Banish him with claw and fang and the Dusk-Canticles along with any other Bent Cats he has drawn here. If the passage is as steeped in darkness as the Wall of Life, this will be an uphill battle in more ways than one."
Let's get to it.

If you talk with her again, she will point out the entrance to the Path from the cavern:

"The Passage of Dad'na Ghaten is just through the overgrowth to the right of the Wall.
Let's put an end to this once and for all."

Once you have entered the Passage of Dad'na Ghaten, Adara'hai will become your follower and will comment on the corruption when she enters:

Adara'hai: "Just as she feared. This place is being swallowed by the Great Darkness."
Adara'hai: "Close your ears to the evil's heart and focus on Adara'hai's voice."

You can then speak with her, Adara'hai will suggest ringing the Khenarthic Bells along the passage to disrupt the dro-m'Athra:

Cleared Maw of Lorkhaj
"Adara'hai has only seen one place more corrupted than this: the Temple of Seven Riddles. She prays that our foes will not possess the same strength as Rakkhat."
"This one won't lie. She's only seen one place more corrupted by the Great Darkness in her time as a cantor. Cleansing this path will not be easy."
What do we need to do?
"Ka'ishka told Adara'hai that there are more Khenarthic Bells along this passage. The dying would ring them on their way to the summit to announce their coming to Khenarthi.
A strong peal should drown out the heart and help her cast out the darkness."
Where are these dro-m'Athra coming from?
"Many have clawed their way out of the Dark to invade our world, but some, she fears, are villagers who went to the Wall of Life seeking salvation from Khenarthi only to find damnation instead.
Once Khajiit become dro-m'Athra they are lost for good."
You can't drive the darkness out of them like Vijari?
"Adara'hai has never seen a Bent Cat return to the true path. Never once has she heard another Twilight Cantor claim it possible. Those who have tried inevitably succumbed to their corruption.
All we can do is return them to the Darkness."
I witnessed an Adept of the Hidden Moon redeem a dro-m'Athra in the Ashen Scar. (If you have cleared the Ashen Scar in Elsweyr)
"The Hidden Moon still live?"
No, it was a ghost.
"Ah. Then you know how their temple fell to ruin and their order wiped out? The dro-m'Athra are insidious. Their very presence is enough to bring out Khajiit's inner darkness. To save one imperils many. The risk is too great.
We can only banish them."

Adara'hai will then follow you through the passage, though she will stay out of the way while you deal with the dro-m'Athra.

As you approach the first bell she will point it out:

Adara'hai: "There! A Khenarthic bell! Strike it with all your might!"

After ringing it, the noise will recede slightly:

Adara'hai: "A moment's peace."
Adara'hai: "There will be more bells along this path. Do not lose sight of them in the dark."

When she notices the second bell:

Adara'hai: "Another bell, just ahead."

The third and final bell:

Adara'hai: "The bell! Do you see it!"

With the third bell rung, it is time to find Dak'radhi:

Adara'hai: "Dak'radhi is close. She can feel the darkness pouring out of him!"

Once you arrive at the end of the passage, you will find the now dro-m'Athra Dak'radhi attending to several portals:

Adara'hai: "This one begins her exorcism! Help her purge Dak'radhi from this place!"

Vijari and Ka'ishka will then arrive.

Vijari: "Wait! Stop this father!"

If you speak with Adara'hai she will mention that she will attempt to stop "Lorkhaj's twisted tune" from effecting you while you deal with Dak'radhi:

"It will take all this one's focus to sing the canticles. If Adara'hai's notes do not carry true, Namiira's brood will drag us to the Dark Behind the World.
But protect this one and her song will shield your ears from Lorkhaj's twisted tune."

Once you have destroyed Dak'radhi's physical form, his spirit will plead to Vijari though he will reject his father's path. Adara'hai will then instruct you to strike the Advent Bell, and to ignore Dak'radhi. Dak'radhi will attempt to appeal to your empathy.

Adara'hai: "Go! Strike the bell! She will hold him firm!"
Dak'radhi: "Strike that bell and you kill all Dak'radhi has left!"
Adara'hai: "Do not listen! A Bent Cat's words are poison."

After ringing the bell and vanquishing the dro-m'Athra, the sky will clear in the Passage and Adara'hai will climb down to the stream to head back to the Wall:

Adara'hai: "It's done, walker. Dak'radhi's been cast back to the Dark Behind the World, but has his curse been lifted?"
Adara'hai: "We must make certain the Wall of Life was cleansed."

Once you arrive back in the Wall of Life cavern, Adara'hai can be seen admiring the now repaired Wall:

Adara'hai: "The true Wall of Life. He did it."

If you speak with her, she will insist you talk with Vijari as he is close to death:

"Vijari wants to see you, walker. He doesn't have much time left."

After Vijari's passing, you can talk with Adara'hai who is sure Vijari went to Khenarthi:

"Vijari flies with Khenarthi now. He was a good young man. My sister chose well."
You believe he made it?
"Vijari had a spotless soul, walker, and he passed without regrets. This one believes Khenarthi heard the bells, even if he was not the one to ring them. Adara'hai doesn't think the Divines are so fickle as to leave a deserving soul behind."
I hope you're right.
"There are few more deserving to walk the Sands Behind the Stars. Though you might count among them.
Take this, with all our gratitude. This one hopes we cross paths in happier times."

Afterwards, you can ask Adara'hai about her future plans and what happens to dro-m'Athra after death:

"Now that the Wall of Life is cleansed, many more souls can continue on their journey with Khenarthi.
This one will resume her own journey as well. As the Great Darkness recedes here, it creeps out elsewhere seeking to ensnare more souls."
What about Ka'ishka?
"Adara'hai will stay with her awhile. Supporting her through this loss was why this one came in the first place. Vijari was her world. Now that he is gone, Adara'hai does not know what her sister will do."
Do you think she'll stay in Black Heights now that he's gone?
"Vijari left her a home here. Adara'hai would hope she made a life here during their time together, but … this one was out of touch, so what does she know.
Whatever Ka'ishka decides to do, Adara'hai will support her."
Where are you headed next?
"This one will return to her temple and share what she has learned with the Twilight Cantors there. These Khenarthic Bells are a powerful force against the Heart of Lorkhaj. Adara'hai hopes something smaller could be made for cantors to carry."
You think that would work?
"She cannot say. Adara'hai doubts a smaller bell will drown out the Bent Dance as well as those placed here, but any force fighting against the Great Darkness is a good one."
What happens to the dro-m'Athra when they die?
"Living and dead are not words that apply to Bent Cats. They are part of the Great Darkness. As immaterial as the Void until enough of the darkness creeps into our world to cast a shadow. All we can do is disperse those shadows, never kill them."
So Dak'radhi could come back.
"He could, walker. He likely will. Vijari is beyond his reach now, but the darkness within him will drive him to harm others. All dro-m'Athra seek to unleash their hatred and pain upon True Cats. It's all they have left."

The Pride of Elsweyr[edit]

Adara'hai in Senchal

If you've completed Chiaroscuro Crossroads before finishing the Southern Elsweyr Zone Story, she'll appear at the ceremony in Senchal Palace.

"Adara'hai heard you were being honored in Senchal, walker. She decided to come see for herself.
You look well. That is a relief."
You expected otherwise?
"Struggles take their toll, walker, and your ordeals have been extraordinary. This one is glad those experiences haven't scarred you. You are stronger from the strife you've seen. Not everyone is so lucky."
How is Ka'ishka?
"Her wounds are fresh. Adara'hai does not yet know what scars she will carry, but Ka'ishka is strong in spirit. Perhaps too strong.
She has pushed this one to take her to the Twilight Cantors. She aspires to join them."
You don't approve?
"It's … complicated. Adara'hai took comfort in Ka'ishka's quiet life. This one faces the horrors she does so that Khajiit can have that sort of peace. Ka'ishka has been robbed of that, but Adara'hai hoped she would find it again."
Will you stop her?
"Only if her sister sees this as a path to vengeance. A Twilight Cantor cannot carry hatred in their heart.
But that is unlikely. After seeing the love Ka'ishka and Vijari shared, this one is certain that here is no room for darkness in her sister."
Give her my best.
"She will be happy you thought of her. Enjoy your accolades, walker. You deserve all of them."


  • Some of the words said by her are in Ta'agra, the native Khajiiti language.