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"Lord of the Hunt, guide my vision. Let me see through the owl's eyes. Let me find my prey. Let me pierce them with my talons!"—Prayer to Hircine woven into the cowl
Nighthunter's Cowl
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Nighthunter's Cowl
Type Hat

Nighthunter's Cowl is a hat available via the Antiquities system. The Lead is looted from a pile of "Druidic Arrows" on the ground, northeast of Banished Refuge on a cliff next to a waterfall to the right (map) in High Isle.


Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:

(The (?) is/are not dyeable)

Codex Entry[edit]

I nearly missed it, but there's a prayer to an [sic] Elk of Arrows woven into this cowl. Given the location and age, I would argue this cowl is evidence of overlap between the druid's True Way and Reach theology. Don't balk! Hircine and the druids actually have quite a bit in common. What is more willful and valuable in nature than the relationship between hunter and hunted? The natural cycle of life and death is Y'ffre's will too! — Amalien