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Fadomai, along with Ahnurr, is one of the two original spirits in Khajiit mythology, analogous to Padomay. They wed and gave birth to two litters, and these children make up the Khajiiti pantheon. Ahnurr felt this was enough, but Fadomai tricked him into making her pregnant again. Ahnurr discovered what Fadomai had done, and struck her in anger. She fled into the Great Darkness, protected from Ahnurr's wrath by their children. There, she gave birth to her last child, Lorkhaj. With time growing short, Fadomai gave many gifts to her children, and then died.[1]

Fat Mother[edit]

The Fat Mother was one of the Four Parents of certain Nedic tribes of the Deathlands. In Nedic mythology, the People have four parents: the great Dragon of Time, the Mother Serpent, the Fat Mother, and the Ox. The Fat Mother was revered as the parent who nourished and saved the People when they were lost and starving.

The Fingers of Kynareth[edit]

The Fingers of Kynareth are spirits of the air associated with the Goddess of Winds and the Heavens Kynareth. Three spirits: Amaro, Pina, and Tallatha were given this title, but it is unknown whether there are more fingers of Kynareth. They are acknowledged by the witches of Skeffington Coven and occasionally requested for aid.

A witch of the Skeffington Coven Mynista Skeffington claimed to have an intimate acquaintance with the Fingers. In 1E 2920 she requested them to aid her to protect Turala and her traveling companions.

Despite this intimate acquaintance, the members of the Skeffington Coven believed that although the spirits are great companions, it is hard to rely on them. Witches of the coven claimed that "the spirits, while marvelous companions and faultless tellers of truth, are often hazy about the when and hows", and that one can not blame them, because concepts such as "when and how mean so little to them".