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Ilni symbolizes the air in Tsaesci culture. She is said to own a colorful fan.[1]

Ius, God of Animals[edit]

Ius the Extremely Agitated is an Animal God who has statues throughout Valenwood and parts of Hammerfell and Elsweyr. These statues depict Ius as a misshapen humanoid carrying a rod with scales on each end.

The tale behind the rod he carries states that one day an evil farmer decided to kill all of his animals and have a big party. As the story unfolds, animal after animal is killed and prepared for a big meal. Lastly, the farmer comes to the ox and prepares to slit its throat. The ox, not wishing to be anybody's dinner, prayed very vocally (in the form of a moo) to Ius. Then, Ius appeared carrying a rather large set of balance weights and, without explanation, ate the farmer and vanished. Ever since that day, Ius has always been portrayed as carrying a large set of scales with him. Local Ius worshipers are said to neither know nor care about the reason behind the scales.


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