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"Perrif's original tribe is unknown, but she grew up in Sard, anon Sardarvar Leed, where the Ayleids herded in men from across all the Niben: kothri, nede, al-gemha, men-of-'kreath (though these were later known to be imported from the North), keptu, men-of-ge (who were eventually destroyed when the Flower King Nilichi made great sacrifice to an insect god named [lost]), al-hared, men-of-ket, others; but this was Cyrod, the heart of the imperatum saliache, where men knew no freedom, even to keep family, or choice of name except in secret, and so to their alien masters all of these designations were irrelevant." —The Adabal-a

A deity whose name was lost to history, known only as the Insect God, was venerated by Flower King Nilichi. The Nedic Men-of-ge were eventually "destroyed" when the Flower King made a great sacrifice to this long-forgotten insect god.[1]


  • It has been stated that the Insect God is an entity that may not fit within the established pantheons.[UOL 1]

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