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Xarxes, God of Ancestry and Secret Knowledge[edit]

Xarxes, also known as the Ageless One and the One Who Watches, is the god of secrets and hidden knowledge. He began as a scribe to Auri-El and has kept track of all Aldmeri accomplishments, large and small, since the beginning of time. He created his wife, Oghma, from his favorite moments in history. He is worshipped by Altmer and Bosmer, and is often equated with Arkay and Tu'whacca as the god of death. Hermaeus Mora claimed that the knowledge he gave to Xarxes was recorded in the Oghma Infinium and that Xarxes was a loyal servant to him. He was an author of the Aldmeriad, the great origin saga of the Elves and commanded the Mer to keep records of their lives in form of their personal everscriven scrolls, known as Oghmas. The scholar-priests of the divine scribe, secretive though they are, are said to preserve an ancient tongue long forgotten to any but their order.


Aedric god revered by the Altmer (See Z'en).[1][2]


Xero-Lyg, the Black Star, the Orphan Opposite is one of the lesser-known Magna Ge, one of the Star-Orphans and an Anuic ur-entity. She was one of Magnus's daughters and the sister of Merid-Nunda, Mnemo-Li, Iana-Lor, Unala-Se, the eldest Prime Archon, Londa-Vera, Sheza-Rana, and Valia-Sha. Alongside her sisters, she was part of the Nine Coruscations, who followed the parabolas that led away from Magnus and separated from him when he withdrew from the creation of the Aurbis. Similarly to other Magna Ge she is now synonymous with the star, which she created.

In the text authored by Star-Queen Varalias, she is associated with the element of Flesh. She ventured unto the adjacent space, where she fought side by side with Lorkh, the Sower of Flesh, a Reachfolk interpretation of the Missing God Lorkhan. They battled within alternate worlds unto endless possibilities.

According to Mankar Camoran, Xero-Lyg together with other Magna Ge as a whole were responsible for the creation of Mehrunes Dagon in "the bowels of Lyg". According to Varalias, "King of Dreugh fell to Mehrunes the Razor … was forced to … the next kalpa … to spiral ever-out and see the land and sky preferred to sea". Following that fall "she was left to wander beside the serpent, so dark as to not be at all." She was carried among the unstars and cataloged events through time and untime finding paths yet unseen to those among the stars. She "looked within the wheel and the center was gone". What she saw was unknown. It was known only to her and another unknown entity or enties. They had to carry this burden alone.


Xrib is an obscure entity worshipped by the Falmer.