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Altar of Xrib
Temple of Xrib

Xrib is an obscure entity worshipped by the Falmer.[1]:490-491

A scarce Falmer temple dedicated to Xrib was situated beneath the hold of Winterhold, in the deep realms of Blackreach. The temple's construction displays the distinctive characteristics of Dwarven craftsmanship, despite being ascribed to the Falmer. The temple dedicated to Xrib can be reached through the Sightless Pit, the Vertigo Chamber, and the Path to the Temple. The temple itself is divided into the North Temple Grounds and the South Temple Grounds, connected by the Connecting Path. Notably, within the temple, two pillars possessed properties related to resurrection, although the precise mechanisms behind this phenomenon remains unclear. Even in the year 4E 201, the temple grounds continued to be attended to by the Falmer, despite their decline.[2][1]:490-491

Atop the Sightless Pit, there rests an ancient sacrificial altar dedicated to Xrib, adorned with numerous piles of bones and various offerings. Disturbing these offerings was known to trigger the awakening of the undead guardians, fiercely protecting the altar.[3][1]:496


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