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A statue of Syrabane on the island of Artaeum
Breton statue of Syrabane

Syrabane, the Warlock's God,[1] is an Aldmeri god-ancestor of magic, notable for aiding Bendu Olo in the Fall of the Sload. Through judicious use of his magical ring, Syrabane saved many from the scourge of the Thrassian Plague.[1][2] It is said that the ring remains under the command of "Archmage" Syrabane.[3] He is also called the Apprentices' God, for he was a favorite of the younger members of the Mages Guild.[1] A grand statue of him is said to stand on a coastal cliff of Artaeum, which he allegedly posed for in-person.[4] He eventually became revered as a god as Altmeri society developed.[5]

Thrassian Plague[edit]

All Flags Navy

In 1E 2200 the Thrassian Plague began to spread through Tamriel, released into the continent through the use of infected sea beasts sent onto the coastlines,[6], the disease spread at practically supernatural speed leaving hundreds of thousands of misshapen corpses in its wake and afflicting the populace with symptoms such as boils, brittle bones, seeping mucous from the eyes and ears, and an unquenchable thirst that drove folk to madness.[7] According to the account of an Altmer Kinlord who experienced the events, at its height the Plague was ever penetrating, seeping into every person, every creature and every drop of water, driving the afflicted to drink uncontrollably until their very bones cracked under the weight and bearing an intent of its own to spread misery.[8] Soon over over half of the population of the continent was dead.[9]

A number of unsung heroes laid down their lives in search of a cure in vain, managing only to confirm the suspicion that the disease was unnatural and had originated from the Sload of Thras.[7]

In this time of chaos it is said that Syrabane saved many in the continent through the judicious use of his magical ring.[1][3]

When the All-Flags Navy sailed to Thras under the command of Bendu Olo, Syrabane accompanied the fleet and aided the Baron-Admiral.[1] Some sources credit Syrabane with calling for aid from throughout the land in order to help form the fleet, praising him for knowing when to ask for help.[2]

As it crossed the seas to reach Thras, the fleet was beset by Sload raids. Accounts by a Dunmer fleet captain describe great sea beasts resembling blighted whales rising from the water and spraying the fleet with clouds of acidic ichor that dissolved sailor and ship alike and stopped only when the substance was set aflame, while Sload riders on their backs unleashed spells of profane power and magic that made the elves on board clutch their heads in pain until all the Sload were slain. Unlocking the secret to breaching the Sload sea beasts proved to be a turning point to the conflict, as prior to that the Sload could attack with impunity from beneath the waves. It is theorized that Archmage Syrabane might have had a hand in this, as his focus throughout the conflict appears to have been arcane naval warfare, though the details remain hazy. [7]

Eventually the All-Flags Navy prevailed and the Coral Kingdom of Thras was cast beneath the waves through the use of great and unknown magicks.[10][2][7]


As the society of the Summerset Isles developed social stratification increased, with the politically egalitarian system and communal ancestor worship of the early Aldmer undergoing a great shift as a result. In this new religion the elves no longer worshiped their own ancestors but rather the ancestors of their "betters". Auri-El, Trinimac, Phynaster and Syrabane are among those ancestor spirits who came to be viewed as gods because of this change in society and belief.[5]

A Snow Elf temple was dedicated to his worship.[11] It is unknown whether Bretons of the Systres Archpelago venerate him as a deity or as prominent historical figure, but statues and numerous figurines of Syrabane were found on the archipelago.[12][13]

Worshipers of Syrabane often carry blessed crystal likenesses of the Warlock's God to ward off curses and diseases.[14]


Warlock's Ring[edit]

Warlock's Ring

A ring with a large gemstone of either red or green color. It is known to have the ability to reflect spells and improve the wearer's speed and health. Through judicious use of this ring Syrabane is said to have saved the whole continent from the Thrassian Plague. The ring is said to be Syrabane's alone to truly command and so it won't remain with any adventurer for long.[1][3]

Syrabane's Ward[edit]

Syrabane's Ward

A belt buckle made of Buoyant Steel, an alchemical alloy invented by Syrabane himself so that marines that fell into the water wouldn't sink.[15] The braces of the buckle are made of a variety of metals including Buoyant Steel, gold, silver and Stalhrim, a complex combination that's highly potent from an arcane perspective, suggesting the metals were chosen for their specific physical and symbolic properties. The strap of the buckle is made of Indrik hide, marking it as a sacred relic of Aldmeri faith. The stitching is made up of thin and lustrous silver thread spun with breathtaking skill. The buckle is polished with seawater from the Eltheric Ocean filled with ground pearl, a reagent with potent uses in protective enchantments.[16]

The artifact was crafted by Syrabane himself as part of his research to perfect the art of Mysticism and bears his maker's mark. Endless lattices of protective enchantments are layered within the clasp, causing it to thrum with arcane power. Using the Ward creates a large field of protective magic around it, improving the defenses of the wielder and their allies and restoring their health.[16]

The Shadowcutter Blade[edit]

An enchanted blade crafted by Syrabane which holds the ability to cut darkness, even one that is unnatural, the glowing sword emits arcs of light that can cut even a creature's Shadow in twain. However, as the Shadow is the "darkness that belongs to all Men and Mer", an important part of a creature's soul,[17][18] it being cut causes the soul to be pierced as well, which can be fatal. It is said that when Syrabane cut the shadow of a friend of his in two, eager to demonstrate his new creation, he unwittingly caused his soul to be pierced as well, leading to the elf dying instantly.[19]


  • Syrabane is referred to as the "youngest of the Eight", referring to the Altmeri pantheon of Eight Divines.[2]
  • In the mid-First Era, Syrabane discovered an alchemical alloy known as Frog-Metal, which was made into armor for Elven mariners, so that if they fell overboard, they would not sink. The Sload came across this metal, likely from shipwrecks at the bottom of the Sea of Pearls and used it to create the Thrassian Stranglers.[15]
  • Syrabane is believed to have taught the Altmer how to thread silver to be thin and lustrous for use in talismans and magic pendants.[20][16]
  • Syrabane's Sacred Medallion was a holy relic stored in Torinaan.[21][22][23]