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A statue of Syrabane on the island of Artaeum

Syrabane, the Warlock's God,[1] is an Aldmeri god-ancestor of magic, notable for aiding Bendu Olo in the Fall of the Sload. Through judicious use of his magical ring, Syrabane saved many from the scourge of the Thrassian Plague.[1][2] It is said that the ring remains under the command of "Archmage" Syrabane.[3] He is also called the Apprentices' God, for he was a favorite of the younger members of the Mages Guild.[1] A grand statue of him is said to stand on a coastal cliff of Artaeum, which he allegedly posed for in-person.[4] He eventually became revered as a god as Altmeri society developed.[5] A Snow Elf temple was dedicated to his worship.[6]


  • Syrabane is referred to as the "youngest of the Eight", referring to the Altmeri pantheon of Eight Divines.[2]
  • In the mid-First Era, Syrabane discovered an alchemical alloy known as Frog-Metal, which was made into armor for Elven mariners, so that if they fell overboard, they would not sink. The Sload came across this metal, likely from shipwrecks at the bottom of the Sea of Pearls and used it to create the Thrassian Stranglers.[7]
  • Syrabane is believed to have taught the Altmer how to thread silver to be thin and lustrous for use in talismans and magic pendants.[8]


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