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Saint Ohmandil
Race Altmer Gender Unknown
Resided in Auridon

Saint Ohmandil was a revered figure among the Altmer.[1]

Ohmandil attained sainthood at some point before 2E 582.[2] Their circlet was kept as a holy relic inside the Torinaan,[1] among other prized items of religious and cultural value such as The Sceptre of Aldarch Salinsoril,[3] The Silvered Skull of Aldarch Castaarie,[4] Syrabane's Sacred Medallion,[5] The Broken Blade of Pamenya,[6] Saint Terilde's Fingerbone [7] Golden Lute of the First Monastic,[8] and Lockmaster's Sigil of Xarxes.[9]

In 2E 582 the sacred site of Torinaan was corrupted by the daedric taint. Ancient guardians that used to guard the relics were touched by the Daedric stain. Monastic Nenaron, who served as a Relic Keeper requested an adventurer to rescue the relics from the sacred site. Due to the taint the relics needed to be relocated to a safer location. The adventurer managed to retrieve the relics, and they were later relocated.[10][11][2]


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