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Unala-Se, the Yellow Star[edit]

Unala-Se, the Yellow Star is one of the lesser-known Magna Ge, one of the Star-Orphans and an Anuic ur-entity. She was one of Magnus's daughters and the sister of Merid-Nunda, Mnemo-Li, Iana-Lor, Xero-Lyg, the eldest Prime Archon, Londa-Vera, Sheza-Rana, and Valia-Sha. Alongside her sisters, she was part of the Nine Coruscations, who followed the parabolas that led away from Magnus and separated from him when he withdrew from the creation of the Aurbis. Similarly to other Magna Ge she is now synonymous with the star, which she created.

In the text authored by Star-Queen Varalias, she is associated with the element of air and described as unyielding. Unala-Se taught the stars to be immovable, then "the unstars came, and still she taught them to be undevourable". Unala-Se guided all the orphans in the ways of language, combat, and magic. They witnessed as a dark corruption spread across the land like a tainted sea, unaware that their actions would unleash the tragic prince of Lyg and the malevolent darkness within him into the realm. Even the steadfast Elden King of Graht succumbed to the darkness, transforming into something sinister. Following her downfall, a poisonous black tree emerged, symbolizing death and decay. She revealed to her followers what they were destined to witness. It is believed by some that she continues to observe, hoping that will remember love.

According to Mankar Camoran, Unala-Se together with other Magna Ge as a whole were responsible for the creation of Mehrunes Dagon in "the bowels of Lyg".

Una the Green Elk[edit]

Una the Green Elk is one of the lesser spirits revered in druid culture.

Several items found in the Systres Archipelago were devoted to this lesser spirit. Such items include a collection of cooking pots made of clay that were adorned with the images of Una the Green Elk and small carved figurines depicting the Green Elk.