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Baan Dar, the Bandit God[edit]

Baan Dar, the Bandit God, is an obscure deity worshipped by relatively few in Tamriel. Those that do recognize him are mainly found in Valenwood and Elsweyr. The main source of information is the Scroll of Baan Dar, which was discovered in the early Second Era near a lake in Elsweyr and described by Arkan, Scribe of Daggerfall, in early 2E 24. Some scholars believe that Baan Dar merely refers to a manner of living, rather than a true god.

Of the Dark Avenging Blade on the Wings of Night that make no sound. The Patron Saint of the Lone Wolf. The Thousand Eyes and Ears, the Hundred Arms direspectful of Time or Distance. Undying, Master of Disguise, Man of a Thousand Faces, Shapes and Sizes, Gentle, Rough-Edged, Gay, Stern. All the Mystery of the "Man Unknown and Undying"... not a single man nor God at all, but a string of seeds sown upon the land and left to grow into a forest.

In most regions, Baan Dar is a marginal deity, a trickster spirit of thieves and beggars. In Elsweyr he is more important, and is regarded as the Pariah. In this aspect, Baan Dar becomes the cleverness or desperate genius of the long-suffering Khajiiti, whose last minute plans always upset the machinations of their Mer (or Human) enemies. The Bosmer of Valenwood also worship their own aspect of Baan Dar, who is popular primarily due to his association with skill in archery.


Boethiah (also spelled Boethia, or Boethra to the Khajiit people), is the Daedric Prince who rules over deceit, conspiracy, secret plots of murder, assassination, treason, and unlawful overthrow of authority. Also known as the Prince of Plots, the Dark Warrior, Deceiver of Nations, Queen of Shadows, and Goddess of Destruction, Boethiah loves competition and battle, and is depicted as a great caped warrior, often in a stoic pose. While typically depicted as male, Boethiah is occasionally referred to as female.

Championed by the Prophet Veloth, Boethiah is considered by the Dark Elves to be their original god-ancestor. Through his illuminations, the eventual Chimer, or Changed Folk, renounced all ties to the Aldmer and founded a new nation based on Daedric principles. Veloth and his movement were staunchly opposed by the followers of Trinimac, a powerful ancestor spirit of the Aldmer. In response, Boethiah took on Trinimac's form (supposedly by eating him) and proceeded to deride and humiliate him before his followers before corrupting and transforming him into Malacath and his followers into the Orsimer. All manner of Dark Elven cultural 'advances' are attributed to Boethiah, from philosophy to magic to 'responsible' architecture. Ancient Velothi allegories are foundation stories of Chimeri struggle where Boethiah uniformly succeeds against enemies of every type. The Tribunal Temple taught that he was the "anticipation" of the living god Almalexia, while the New Temple preaches that he has reclaimed his rightful position.

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