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Fa-Nuit-Hen circa 2E 582
Race Demiprince Gender Male
Appears in ESO

Fa-Nuit-Hen, the Multiplier of Motions Known, and Demiprince of Maelstrom, is a demiprince known for his sword-teachings. He is said to haunt the warriors who fell and still wonder why. He is a scion of Boethiah and rules over the pocket realm of Maelstrom.[1] He takes the form of a Bosmer for strategic purposes, specifically to be both nimble and a smaller target.[2] His known wardrobe includes armor resembling that worn by the Aureal, and a Daedric helmet known as the Flame Monarch's Crown, which he supposedly wore when he visited Infernace.[3]


First Era[edit]

The first sermon of The Thirty-Six Lessons of Vivec tells of sometime before the Skyrim Captivity, Fa-Nuit-Hen appearing to a Velothi tribeswoman, the wife of a Chimer netchiman, who had been impregnated with an egg by the dreugh before being brought to Azura's Coast by Sotha Sil. The egg contained the unborn Vivec, and seven Daedra known as the Barons Who Move Like This appeared before the woman to teach the egg new swordsmanship motions. When Fa-Nuit-Hen appeared, he told the netchiman's wife to seek the Hortator in the land of Indoril before combining with the Barons to form a terrible pillar of fighting styles and teaching Vivec.[4]

The first sermon holds a contradiction, however, as Vivec reportedly predates Sotha Sil, who he saved when Mehrunes Dagon wiped out House Sotha at in the town Ald Sotha. As the sole survivor of his House, Sotha Sil would then be raised by Lord Vivec, and would eventually ascend to becoming known as the Clockwork God.[5][6] Fa-Nuit-Hen himself verifies the sermon's claims to a degree, stating that he did in fact meet Vivec in his youth, and made an impression on him.[7]

Fa-Nuit-Hen would later befriend the demigod Morihaus, with whom he would "drink and dice together".[1]

Second Era[edit]

Fa-Nuit-Hen's barons would later adventure outside the realm, with some opting to to serve other masters, but would subsequently return to him. As he is a "collector of martial styles, a combat connoisseur, [and an] arms trainer to the great and lofty", he asked his Barons to use their new experiences to help build the Maelstrom Arena. Unfortunately for Fa-Nuit-Hen, this endeavor would cost him, as his barons tried to outdo each other, pouring too much of their essence and animus into creating their respective sections of the arena that they ceased to exist.[7] This was especially costly to him due to the fact that demiprinces are specialized in a certain area, leaving weaknesses in other parts. In the case of Fa-Nuit-Hen, while he was gifted in martial styles, his memory was weak, leading to his creation of Tutor Riparius, who served as an intermediary for his memory.[8] Slowly, the Demiprince would lose his memories of his Barons, potentially leaving nothing but their arenas to remember them by.[7]

The Maelstrom Arena would still hold competitions regardless of the Demiprinces' fading memory, claiming thousands of lives.[9] Circa, 2E 582, a champion discovered the whereabouts of the Maelstrom Arena's entrance, and entered Fa-Nuit-Hen's realm. Inside, the champion was well known by the Demiprince, whose reputation preceded them. The hero defeated all the Arena's combatants, leading to the restoration of the demiprince's memories. While his memories remained intact, he would restore his barons to their intended state, and would continue to build his Maelstrom Army to one day conquer the Aurbis.[10]


Some of Fa-Nuit-Hen's adventures happen at an unspecified time. His victory, alongside his Baron Who Moves Like Light Glittering Through Crystal, in defeating the Five Recalcitrants left the ground "littered with fangs and antlers". His Baron Who Moves Like Heat Lightning fought alongside him and Sotha Sil against the Borers from Within and The Hinged Ones.[2]

Fa-Nuit-Hen has also collected "the known motions of every martial discipline in Nirn", the earliest being the "Prismatic Vector Dance of the Ehlnofey".[11] He even obtained some of his motions from observing the god HoonDing making way.[1]



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